Vendorcentral shipments / "Shipper Performance Coach" emails

Not sure how many people operate on Vendorcentral here… but has anyone else received these “FULL LTL Dwelling ARNS” emails over the past few weeks?

Hello team,

My name is Curtis and I work with Amazon Inbound Transportation. My role is to reach out when we have a backlog with in our system for your shipments. I will be reaching out periodically to see what may be the cause of the backlog, and how I can be of assistance. That may be reaching out to carrier for an ETA and Re-planning to the next available carrier.

Here are some reasons we may see a backlog for dwelling ARNs/PO’s with in our system:

  1. An ASN has not been submitted for both the ARN and the PO- but we show an EDI signal.
  2. We see an EDI signal, and have no ASN submitted.
  3. Cancelled VRIDs- (ARNs/POs) due to FNR ( freight not ready).

Please Note: Any shipments that are currently on backlog but are not freight ready will need to have the FRD (freight ready date) updated in Vendor Central based on when the freight will be ready for pick up. This will help mitigate any future missed pick-ups.

If you do not need an ARN to be picked up, please (delete) the ARN within vendor central. This will remove it from the system but, may take a day or two for an update.

You will be given 96 hours to communicate to the original email regarding the ARN/POs status. No response will result in your transportation request being cancelled. Please make sure all correspondence emails are updated and accurate via vendor central.

PLEASE SEE ARNs BELOW regarding the current dwelling ARNs/Pos in our system.

All I can tell is that the LTL carriers are missing pickups and coming in a day or two late on occasion. Given the timing, this is likely due to Yellow’s demise and other carriers struggling to adjust to the increased volume.

Regardless, has anyone else received these / how did you manage to get Amazon to stop reaching out? In this morning’s response, I requested they address the actual issue (late pickups) with the relevant carriers.

And…??? :grimacing:

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Yeah, typical Amazon :poop: … they’re repeatedly asking about older shipments … whether it’s missed by carriers, or picked up (by a carrier that doesn’t use PRO#'s, etc.)

I’m at the point where I’m ignoring most of the communication we get from that group.