Got the email…got busy and ignored…

Now I see the hint to re-verify and say s I have limited access.

Any ideas on what I can’t do?

I can list and get paid…I don’t do anything else.

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You can still do anything you want. The message seems to be more of a kick in the pants to get going.
But don’t delay doing the verification.

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OK. I went to the website for my bank and couldn’t find how to download a normal looking statement. Probably right there in my face, but I’m looking too hard

What bank is it? Maybe somebody had the same and can give the steps.

I received the email for the bank verification. First time that the bank has been verified.

Interestingly, everything was set correctly, but while the bank account is set to the company’s name, Amazon was adamant that it wanted to see my name on the statement.

I went to my bank (Wells Fargo) and downloaded the statement (menu, account services, statements), downloaded the pdf, and obviously it has the name of the company, not my name.

I went to upload it, and was fairly sure it would be rejected. I even had to check four checkmarks, one saying that the statement had my name (even though it doesn’t) but have it a shot because it was easier than adding a new payment method and risking who-knows-how-long Amazon’s inefficiencies.
Received the email this morning that statement was accepted, and account verified :sweat_smile:


I think I figured it out. Its a small local bank…maxFCU…from Maxwell AFB.

I will work on this next week…

Step one was to figure out what they call it. I was searching for bank statements on their site…which wasn’t working. They are a credit union and call them e-statements.

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