Vine Voice Review - years late and thankfully not a dollar short

Just got a vine voice review for an established product. My question is, such reviews are in exchange for a free product but this product opted in for vine reviews in 2019 - how is a review popping up for it in 2023? Thoughts? Thankfully, it was a good review.

Pero, como how?

There’s no time limit on any review whether it’s an ordinary buyer or a vine reviewer.

If vine was around in 1998 they could leave a review today for something they got “on the arm” 20 something years ago.


@ASV_Vites always comes thru :slight_smile:

Hmm, so you surmise a vine reviewer just decided to post a review after a few years (which would mean a reviewer would’ve had to find the purchase just to review the item (unlikely) or maybe vine reviewers have a special dashboard (likely)? Or did amazon decide to post a review 4 years later?

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Could be any of those things.

I do leave reviews on Amazon for my personal purchases outside of the category I sell in and I sometimes go back in time and look at things I’ve purchased a long time ago and leave a review.

Who knows. It’s Amazon, you can’t explain it. Our listings are so effed up right now for no reason. Currently have 9 different cases open with SAS escalation to be fixed. The range of these listing issues is wide.

Amazon sucks sums it all up really.

Hey… Just got this back from seller support (not part of the 9).

They actually squashed feedback that was BS after failing with the ordinary feedback manager workflow. A minor unexpected win. LOL

I am always able to remove basically anything I don’t like on our feedback and have had that ability for years. Was kinda shocked when this one failed. They got back to me in less than 30 mins too.


don’t scare me. that’s the one thing we still have. i zap everything :poop: thankfully


This was the first fail in at least 2 years and it was 100% a product review. No grey or gray area…


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An interesting development on the Vine front with today’s News Headline:

Boost sales through reviews with lower-priced fee tiers for Amazon Vine (link, Seller Central)


Nice! I took advantage of the last freebie Vine promotion they had a couple of months ago and I’ve been very happy with the results. Thank you for posting!


You are very welcome, my friend!

Also of interest may be the NSFE’s Headline-accompanying discussion here:

https: //

There are currently only two replies there, but as more folks notice the Seller Central News Headline widget highlighting this development, I suspect that there’ll be more in the coming days.