Walmart Cancel reasons

Since I could not find a Walmart section, I posted here.

It seems as though Walmart has a shipment canceled because of fraud choice. I find that interesting. Very interesting.

:hushed: Interesting, indeed! Can you please post the notice you received? And was this as a Buyer or as a Seller?

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It is in the reasons for the cancellation drop-down when canceling the order. The fact that Walmart has this shows that they are willing to acknowledge that not all of their golden customers are honest law-abiding folks. Unlike Amazon, which refuses to acknowledge much of the fraud on its website.

I just note that Amazon does not have that choice at all.


This is as a seller, btw.

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I’ve never had occasion to use this cancellation option.

I do not know how much Walmart cares if sellers use this option either. It is possible they treat it the same way that Amazon treats messages from buyers that we report for fraud, which is to say, they don’t.

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Oh lordt why does anyone work this week? :laughing::sweat_smile: @Haegan2005 I read this…

…as this:

:woman_facepalming: Like the people who “choose violence” every day, Walmart has Buyers who “choose fraud” every order. Their bad fraud choices mean their orders are cancelled! :rofl:

OMG I need a nap

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A nap sounds really good, actually.