Walmart changes how we ship stuff in starting in June 2023

This is typical of their arrogance. They are a fraction of Amazon’s volume yet act like they are Walmart Retail.

At Walmart Marketplace, we’re committed to providing low-cost, fast delivery through Walmart Fulfillment Services because we know it’s good for both our customers and our sellers. To remain competitive and cost-effective for sellers large and small, we continue to enhance our service offerings, while giving you the flexibility to make strategic decisions to run your own business.

Starting June 2023, sellers with high-demand inventory will need to route inbound shipments to multiple fulfillment centers. If your items fall into this category, you’ll have the option during the inbound order creation process to choose between using Inventory Transfer Services or sending your shipments to multiple fulfillment centers.* If this doesn’t apply to you, you’ll continue to see the same experience that exists today

What is Inventory Transfer Service (ITS)?
ITS is a new WFS service that positions inventory nationwide to ensure quick and reliable delivery to customers, wherever they are. ITS will enable sellers to continue shipping standard-sized, sortable items to a single facility. We’ll then leverage our supply chain to split up the inventory and transport it to the most optimally located fulfillment center, getting it closer to your customers.

ITS will help sellers:

  • Save on inbound shipping and logistics costs by sending sortable inventory to one location
  • Enable reliable delivery regardless of where customers are
  • Improve 2-day and next day shipping coverage

To learn more about ITS and the fee structure, visit Seller Help.

We are committed to offering scale, quality, and efficiency as one of the lowest cost, end-to-end fulfillment solutions available. We’ll continue to listen and act on your feedback to build a fulfillment platform that best serves your needs.

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They are a fraction of Amazon’s volume yet act like they are Walmart Retail.

I’m intrigued by how much of a fraction they end up being. I recently signed on as a seller there, and listed a few products (reselling others’ brands, not private label) and have been pleased with the results so far.

As a brand new newbie there, my sales seem to show the potential for coming closer to Amazon’s volume than I expected. Of course, I have minimal data to rely on so far - just a grand total of 13 sales so far. But I’ve had a couple of 3 and 4 sales days, which is pretty good for me in my very first month.

It shows promise. :crossed_fingers:

Note: I only self-fulfill. No FBA or WFS for me.

WFS is about 15-25% of Amazon sales

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Would never apply to me, but I see nothing wrong with this situation.

It looks like an allocation of costs which is to be expected in these economic times.

But it is not my money which is going to Walmart.

The relative size of WFS to FBA is irrelevant. If a marketplace is not cost-effective, it is not cost-effective.

Either we are viewed as “Players” or we are not. “Players” have the ability to pay, “would be Players” might not. I am not a “Player”, once upon a time I was.

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Actually Walmart outsmarted Amazon with their deal with FedEx. They can get stuff to customers faster and only ship out of 1 warehouse.

So it sounds like the same type of distribution Amazon does but Walmart will charge extra for it. Now I expect Amazon to see that and decide to do the same. Curious if there’s much difference of ITS + WFS vs FBA fees?

I’m not on Walmart but considering it.

FEDEX Ground is in my opinion the worst common carrier delivery service.

FEDEX Express is now being integrated with FEDEX Ground to save money.

FEDEX is staking out the bottom pricing tier in shipping.

Time will tell whether that is a winning strategy.

Fred Smith’s son is not the businessman his father was.

I’m sure you have seen how expensive it is for Walmart Partnered. Just paid $300 to move a pallet to Walmart. Same day, shipped one to Amazon - $98.

SPD is more than 2X what Amazon partnered costs.

Will be interesting to see what happens when we go to ship in again after June.

We are pretty happy with Walmart and it’s bigger than we expected. No nonsense to deal with so far which is refreshing. Literally set it and forget it so far. :crossed_fingers:

I have not seen how expensive Walmart Partnered is.

Sales there are not enough to ship LTL.

We are seeing 20% of the sales on Walmart we see on Amazon.

I think you misspelled that for all market places.

"Either we are viewed as “Payors” or we are not. “Payors”…

Regardless, after a hack attack (my opinion) after one month on Walmart 3 years ago, with a one star rating, I am is what it is. Wonder what happened to the stuff I sent to FBWalmart?

It was not intended to be a misspelling, which does no mean it excludes the label Payors.

There is a level of seriousness to retail members of the distribution chain which separates “Players” who get special treatment due to their size, volume or image from other retailers.

A couple of business associates, who had been buyers for a regional retail chain knew my computer business well. And knew we had the volume to be treated as a “player”. They coached us until we were recognized as a “player” and began to get greater economic opportunity for the same level of purchases.

Equal treatment of all retailers does not exist, and will never exist - no matter how the antitrust laws are tweaked or interpreted.

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