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Woo-hooo… 4 whole orders in a week on Walmart… :roll_eyes:

For those who sell on Walmart, how long did it take to actually see some action? We haven’t done any advertising on the marketplace yet so I assume it’s OK that we are seeing anything with no reviews and no history…

The incubation guy told me on a call today that he never sees sales for the people he works with for the first 3 months which I found quite scary to be honest…


Within the first month for our first sale, but it was late in the first month.

That said, our brands, that we offer on Walmart, fit the demographic of those that shop there.

The problem we had was in the second month, now 3 years ago, on the third Walmart sale, a “Karen” left us a one star rating for us the seller, and a 1 star product feedback.

Now this particular item on Amazon has 350+ 4.8 star average product reviews. Our seller account on Amazon has 100% feedback, though it has dropped to 98% in past years.

So now we are a One Star Seller on Walmart, and one of our most popular products has a 1 star product review.

:man_facepalming: :person_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

I wish we had no reviews and no history, we would be in better shape in my opinion.


Congrats on the sales! In your case is not 4 sales, is 4 customers that will likely repeat!

Quickly. I don’t remember the immediacy, but quickly.

Hate to say it, because it compromises my principles, but ad center in Walmart works fairly well and is super simple.

Check the keyword that I PMed you for my product the other day, sponsored brands (or however they call them here) work really well. Just be prepared to deal with a lot of finagling with the size of the logo and generating the url.


I’ve got a guy for this that I am about to unleash… Made a side deal with him (outside of betterly) which is against both of our contracts with them but whatever… He’s setting us up for very little $. I don’t have any patience to deal with PPC myself anywhere anymore now that we found this guy. Rather throw money at the problem and see if it’s worth it.

From what I understand, clicks are a lot cheaper over at wallyworld and if that’s the case, we should do well if we can convert.


The one issue we are having with Walmart is their FedEx only SPD approach. The closest drop off point is 20 miles from where the manufacturing operation is.

We didn’t send a ton of inventory to start 144 units X 4 so LTL wasn’t an option. Trying to see if we can get a little action to feel more comfortable sending a mixed pallet of the 4 skus we are starting with so they will pickup.

UPS does daily pickups at our place but not FedEx and FedEx won’t let us arrange a pickup bc it’s not our account. FedEx partnered rates through Walmart are 75% cheaper than our UPS account so it’s worth paying one of the guys $20 to take it on his way home.

Always something. Not a big deal but stupid…


Hopefully quicker for you than it did for us (the $1,500 a month is sales we were making did not warrant continuing the program).

However, all this Wally talk gets me thinking about trying it again, but IDK. One big issue is that our items do not have UPC codes. We are exempt on Amazon. Does anybody know if Wally has that option as well?

When we were onboarded, the rep was excited that we had them. (Even though they are pre GS1 and we own them.)

However, it did feel like it was not mandatory and he could work around the issue. The fact that we had them made his life simpler.

@doilyboutique444 answered a lot of questions for us by PM when we took the leap to Walyworld. Not sure if she had UPC codes for her products.

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Interesting… I may just reach out to the rep and confirm that. Honestly, that is probably the biggest hurdle we were facing.


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I think you need the UPC
If you can’t open the help page I’ll copy it


I just googled that as well.

Seems like they do require. Still worth reaching out to the rep I guess.

I applied to be exempt from UPC on Walmart Marketplace and was approved fairly quickly. I am a handmade seller.

My biggest hurdle was getting them to show my business name and my business address but they wouldn’t allow me to do so. As a sole proprietorship, my taxes are filed under my personal name with a dba, and, of course, the IRS wanted my personal address for tax purposes. Walmart Marketplace insists that the way you file your taxes is the way they will show you on the listing page and the seller page.
This was a deal killer for me.


Well it is good to know that it is possible. Thanks!


For Walmart in general, not long.

For WFS… I’ll let you know when it happens.


Confused by this, as in WFS needs the GS1 UPC?

We did send items to WFS, with our old pre GS1 owned UPS’s, that by the rules should not be allowed.

By the way, we never talked about this in the open forums. And if open here would not talk about it. To many “that can’t be done” yet we have done it every day for 30+ years.

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I was responding to ASV’s OP on how long it took to see sales and not the posts regarding UPCs.

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Thanks, as I said above… I was confused.

And congratulations I think this is going to be a very good channel and marketplace for your product.

Not sure, they may have connected you with Team RangeMe, I too can see your items in over the counter marketplaces.

And By the way, I have been trying to participate in the thread on Amazon Posts, we were a beta site for that when it was launched. Just need to spend some time preparing a post on that thread to do it justice.

As it relates to the Kardashian, (spelling and context? I don’t follow that stuff) how phony, how fake, how transparent. They spent a lot on those images for IMO no impact. Especially from a grassroots point of view.

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Think Thrasio (Ken iirc) was saying it was a total of 5-7% volume of amazon regardless of traction time. Guess it would be worth it if you hit $10m on amazon - so you’d be around .5m on walmart - the numbers don’t necessarily translate as rank, soft assets age, niche etc can vary.


I bought UPC Codes I think it was you who recommended where I should go and I haven’t used them up yet. NONE of my items even marketpace items have UPC codes. So yes, I simply attached them even to my handmade products.

The subject seems to be how long for even a little traction? Initially, about a month.

BUT BUT BUT, In Sep/Oct 2021? I got suspended and to this date I really don’t know why because their reasons weren’t valid. Like Valid tracking rate…but everything has tracking. What I think really happened, but can’t prove…was that I was off for about two weeks because we were going to be out of town at a craft show. So I took Labor Day weekend, the following week and maybe Monday and Tuesday off. ALMOST two weeks. I got sick and landed in the hospital instead (5 days with COVID Pnemonia) and no I don’t have a back up person. So I made it home on Sunday, hopped on my computer and took more days off. Like 2 more weeks. I got some kind of warning message and I thought I don’t (give a damn) care I am sick, I’ll fill what I need to and ship but who knows when I can go full speed again.

Then I got suspended for this reason. They said sit tight don’t answer (weird). In the end, I got fully suspended. Lost the account. So I got on Facebook and started asking about help getting it back. Found a person, they looked at my stats and worked with their contact to get my account back. (Only paid if they were successful). It worked. My account was green. But no sales…so a big WTF? Figured out that YES, my account was OPEN but my items were not searchable. I couldn’t find them. It took about 6 weeks of sitting tight before sales started coming in. Today – I’m back to about 50% of whatever I sell on Amazon. Amazon $1000, Walmart $500. There were a few weeks where it’s been neck and neck, but not many.

So round two-- was about 6 weeks? It was really weird.

And now when I want a week off, I put some days off now…and in a week, some more…and in another week, more. Training a back up person still isn’t on the books, though I need to do something, I know.

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We’re going into year 3 on Walmart and year 2 managed to see results equal to one month of Amazon sales.

However, we have not started messing with walmart’s advertising system or WFS. That’s just organic sales with no hydroponics.


WFS needs a barcode but they do have an option to print labels like Amazon does. For us, that label was just our GS1 UPC code that we entered, perhaps they will generate a code for those with an exemption. Not sure.

The whole setup process on Walmart was annoying, confusing, and pretty much the least intuitive thing I have ever experienced in 26 years.

New accounts get assigned an incubation rep from India for 3 months and there are weekly calls. He helped me quite a bit set up shop.

Opening the account, registering the brand, and getting approved to sell took 10 mins. Setting up the listings so they were done right took 2 freaking months…

In our case, the brand we listed on walmart has FNSKU’s printed on the labels. We have label files with our UPC as well but didn’t want to waste money printing a batch of those and spitting a production run for something unknown so we bought Avery 8167 labels and printed our UPC codes and covered up the FNSKU. Should WFS take off for us, we will run the UPC labels in conjunction with our FNSKU runs.

Going to jump in on PPC on Walmart with my Amazon PPC manager who has experience to see if we can super charge the business. Don’t know if we don’t try. We have simply the best price point in the industry due to our vertical integration. So if price is king, we will win and with a less saturated assortment on Wallyworld, I think it’s at least a slight possibility. We will be happy with doing 10% of what we do on Amazon and being in Walmart’s ecosystem.

Their category managers look to the marketplace first when adding to the B&M assortment.

That’s the end game. We are investing a lot in getting our brand name out there beyond Amazon in 2023.