Walmart not updating orders?

Are you guys being able to input the tracking either manually or via upoload?
Completely dead for me.
Manually says “error” upload report returns a “technical error”

Las order that entered (this morning) remains “new”, and I haven’t been able to make it go to “acknowledge”, let alone “shipped”

Getting ready to print mine.

In two different Facebook Groups, I saw the same complaint.

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Thankfully, I only have a few today and I just finished opening a case with a spreadsheet of the information.

AND thankfully, I can type so this didn’t take all day long.

Mines finally went through, but I now have this banner

I was just coming to share that.

A Walmart customer messaged me so I could see that her shipment updated and I got that banner as well.

I have one left that didn’t update.


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All of mine updated now