Walmart sellers, beware! Accidental enrollment

This is resolved. We somehow got enrolled in Walmart’s Commission Adjustment Program. Never agreed to this and it will get our Amazon listings shut down by the price bots.

Walmart Sellers - Be Ware! You can check if you got enrolled by navigating to this BS by
clicking “Price” on your left Nav and then clicking “Cap Management” on the top.

Just checked. I don’t want this awful trash anywhere near my listings.
You find all the best crap…


I’ve said it before. If something can happen on a marketplace we participate in, it will happen.

You’re welcome to the benefits of my crippling misery…



@ASV_Vites, I thought this was important enough of a warning to warrant its own topic, for awareness.


I agree with you completely. I thought about creating a new thread for that very reason but I am firing off all sorts of things all over the place and don’t have the time for the little details.

Thanks for doing this. I am sure it will help someone prevent or fix the BS we just went through on Wally World.

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I don’t have the “CAP Management” heading, only “Repricer” and “Incentives”

Consider yourself lucky.

I would post the explanation of the program but it’s 9 frigging pages, single spaced, tiny font.


So one CAN’T just click on the slider button, and STOP participating?

The screen shot seems to indicate that one can.

I haven’t tried yet bc I have no issue with Walmart matching our Amazon deals and still paying us out the same amount per unit shipped as if it were our reg Wally selling prices.

Will be shutting it down (hopefully) on Mon evening.

I believe @maintak saw that they were enrolled and did turn it off as per upthread (post #2).
Please confirm @maintak

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Negative, I confirmed that I am not enrolled. As far as I know I was never enrolled. Your post had me worried enough to warrant immediate checking.

Just opted out… Sliding the button gave this option. Leaving… CM is over. Don’t need Walmart messing around with our pricing bc it finds some random schmuck selling our stuff cheaper somewhere on the WWW with $20 shipping…

Just wrapping this thread up with the following.

  • Opting out did not revert the pricing. :astonished:
  • Just noticed that the prices didn’t change even though I opted out 17 hours ago.
  • Changed the prices just now and they instantly changed on the listings.