Walmart Sellers Summit?

In vino veritas? :slightly_smiling_face:


The other thing that actually helped is Walmart totally and very recently changed their backend of listings, pulling everything together.

Made it a lot easier to compare all the listings on 4 different screens at the same time.

The locked attributes text is nearly invisible to the naked eye. Likely why I missed this in the past OR, and more likely, those didn’t even display in the old workflow.


So – you got me curious and “made me look” again – mainly over at Amazon.

I downloaded the Category Listings Report and yep, there are several items assigned to the wrong product ID feed type.

And YES they wander over there…I didn’t put them “over there” and some of the choices are ridiculous. So darn it…add something else to my honey do list.

Walmart’s shelving paths will be similar. Let’s hope though that only new items are incorrect because I thought I got all of the older items corrected.



Funny how things work when they aren’t broken.

That goes the same for my hot water heater (A.O. Smith) that just freaking exploded out the top a couple hours ago. THANK GOD I was sitting here on my computer when it happened. Had I gone out with my wife to see some stupid 90’s band, we would have come back to a flood of epic proportions. No hot water for a couple days should be fun. Thankfully the second floor (my MIL’s place) has its own so we can shower up there.

I’m having the plumber link the too of them so either can be used for both and the one that breaks can be isolated in the future.

This one only lasted 7 years. FML


we are actually having some unexpected success here.
Following for more great information :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice. Congrats to you. Advertising is still pretty reasonable on Walmart which makes it easier to kick-start things there.

To put a bow on a couple things in my last 2 "Walmart threads:

  1. Sales up 50% since the product type was fixed. I checked the backend of the listing and the edit date didn’t change. It stands at 6:12AM on Dec 27th. I couldn’t tell you the last time I was up at 6:12AM and certainly wouldn’t have been, editing Walmart listings, 2 days after Christmas with my family all home on break. Only the advertising piece was an issue from 12-27 on but when the “My Health, My Data Act” took effect on 4-1 is when we lost our video and feature set on that listing. Turns out that it was all related to the product type.

  2. Inability to certify for Inform Act (on Walmart) - Linked Topic HERE - Got some BS back from their support saying this was our issue, not ours and suggested trying another browser. I tried Chrome / Edge / Firefox on 2 different computers - no change - same error. Then, they kept sending me the same copy / paste response and I got a little angry in my response. Last response was that they have sent it to a technical team to look at. I really don’t want to be the Walmart merchant that cried wolf, tapping my inside connections again, right after the above mentioned debacle.

  3. Water Heater - Couldn’t get anyone in until tomorrow morning. No big deal, we can shower upstairs in my MIL’s house. Let’s talk inflation - in Aug of 2017, both of these water heaters were installed for $2600. It’s going to cost almost that much for 1 tomorrow and that doesn’t include bridging them which will allow us to isolate either one and use it for the whole house so neither house will be without hot water again. Unless they both break at the same time which is even beyond my luck. Under normal operation, they will still be separated and serve only the house they were supposed to. Just a couple pipes and 3 gate valves.

ETA - Water heater had a 10 year warranty. Never registered the serial # with AO Smith, nor do I have the invoice or even know who did the work. My wife found someone on Angie’s list who we paid cash so there’s no check or CC record to look back on. Not sure I’ve ever had anything that didn’t make it to the warranty limit. This time I will be doing the needful. This would have been pretty much free… FML


That’s a RIDICULOUS amount for a water heater and installation!!!

Makes me happy we have connections here in town.



2 plumber job. $250 an hour each here in NYC. Is what it is.

I’m interested to see what they will charge for 20" of copper and 3 gate valves to bridge the 2 of them. IDC what it costs. It’s a really nice luxury to have and something I’m pissed at myself for not thinking of sooner… Haha

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I’ll be interested in seeing the “after” image of this installation.

Judging solely from this image - which, unless I once again miss my guess, you took soon after the OBVIOUSLY sub-standard contractor found on SocMed ‘completed’ that shoddy work - and in light of certain experience with this sort of infrastructure since I was a child, I strongly suspect that I may have a pretty good idea of why your non-Angie’s List* contractor’s initial assessment of the job to come might be higher than it could’ve been in other circumstances.

May I ask if that initial assessment was consummated strictly by images you or yours forwarded, or by an actual first-echelon site survey inspector?


As most of us likely already know, there exists more than a singular sound REASON undergirding why that biz enterprise’s controlling interest(s) re-branded to “Angi” in the wake of an near-incessant barrage of negative publicity.

I cannot speak for anyone else - nor would I relish doing so, as I prefer to tread the so-called ‘Middle Path’ - but I must admit that it seems to me that it took tragically-heinous consequences, not customer-complaint dissatisfaction tied to personal perception of unprofessional results rusting rising to a nearly-incessant level, to produce that re-branding…

Actually, I took this picture today. If you zoom in, you can see the rust where it failed. For a better view ,see below.

A NYC inspector looked at the work from the previous plumber and passed it with flying colors. Job was neat and to code and worked flawlessly.

As with the rest of my life, the situation is complicated. Those water heaters were moved off to the right when the interior French drain was put in by the builder. That was supposed to be temporary but the builder refused to put it back so and that’s the way it stayed for 11 more years. The exhaust was supported by a piece of metal stud and a half empty container of plumbers putty. I shiver to think what could have happened. There is a CO detector close but even so. The “Angie” plumber put them back where they were when the house was built.

My feeling on the failure is either a defective unit OR it’s the way the exhaust system was set up. My MIL, and In laws in general, when my FIL was alive barely used any hot water and had their water heater turned down almost all the way. That unit on the right was barely on and even when it was on, it wasn’t on for long. With that said, I think there might be condensation building and dripping down the pipe going up from the left unit, rusting out the top of it and causing the failure.

Not entirely sure how this can be rearranged due to the code here about no more than 1 bend in a line like this. I wanted to go tankless maybe but that’s on the driveway side of the house and right below a window. I don’t want all those pipes sticking out the side of the house and going in all sorts of angles to be legal. Also, my driveway is minimum code width (8 feet). It’s already very tight and every inch counts.

We will see what this pro says tomorrow. My BIL uses them and they are a real business with their own warehouse.

To add some fun to this post, I drained the water heater today to save 20 mins tomorrow and the inspector was watching because he always has to know what I am doing 24/7.

ETA - here’s what the other unit looks like right now:

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Probably not condensation … if you had condensation, it would be on the cold line and most likely on both units as both are exposed to the same air in the room. Copper pipes do erode out over time and soldered joints can fail.

Our opinion (not that it is worth much but …) is either line failure or installation failure or both.

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Looks exactly the same, with the addition of the bypass so we can use either or both for all.

This plumber says either overuse (my daughter), or some sort of defect caused the premature failure. The only thing they found wrong with the old work was some thin wall “N” type copper that was used in spots which he cut out. That’s meant for baseboard heating, not domestic hot water.

Never not have hot water again.

$2300 cash plus tips. INSANITY how expensive stuff is these days. Last time, both were replaced and moved locations, total re-pipe, including both gas lines - $2600.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a warranty card to fill out / mail in. LOL



… could have been a plumber but happy we’re not …