Walmart Video Ads

We just became the first brand on Walmart (IN ANY CATEGORY) to get a video ad published and up and running.

They don’t make it easy with a format mandate that’s beyond ridiculous so that’s probably why. Nobody else has bothered and most don’t even know it’s possible to run video ads on the marketplace.

They do have a min CPC of $1.30 for video ads but that’s a lot cheaper than Amazon and on the surface (based on velocity tonight ), it’s working. The ad just got approved in the last few hours after spending 2 weeks working on the format / waiting for approval. There’s no official data yet but I can tell it’s made a difference just in the last couple hours…

Just a heads up for my fellow Wally World sellers who may have video content for their products. Test it!

Here are the specs for your editor to use… I know nothing about video editing / files. I do know that it was an “SRT” file that worked on the 10th try.

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I appreciate this post because I’ve been struggling for a few days to upload a video to Walmart.
I do know something about video editing and formats and an srt file is a subtitle file. Basically it’s a text file that you can use to add subtitles to any video…
Are you sure that the file they have accepted has the .srt extension?

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Here’s what I know…

The editor returned 2 files to us after we presented him with the specs.

One was an SRT file and the other a textless MP4.

The MP4 is 29 seconds and 8.37 MB in size.

The same video we use on Amazon is 30 seconds long and much larger in size - (36.6 MB).

When the video was uploaded to Walmart, it was done without the SRT file so it seems that was belt and suspenders from the editor based on the specs.

Here are my assumptions:

  • 30 seconds doesn’t really mean 30 seconds. 29 seconds worked.
  • The video cannot have subtitles in it. Walmart auto-generates their own subtitles and that’s the way it has to be.
  • Size does matter (LOL). Smaller the better evidently. We were good at 8.37 MB and the quality looks great.

Hope this is helpful. I did redact the things that are unimportant to this conversation as we like our anonymity which is why we are on Sellers Ask Sellers and not that POS NSFE…

Good Luck!
Steve - Yes I will give my real first name here. LOL


Found this video which if you haven’t already seen it, might be helpful.


We are still unable to upload videos to wally’s house.
I’m sure it’s not a file format problem.
We have an open case for a week now… anyway…

Coincidentally, I have received an invitation from a wally’s partner to help me clone our A+ content from amazon to walmart, optimize listings, manage ADS, etc.
The monthly fee is prohibitive.

I will be very grateful for some advice for this particular marketplace.


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What is this fee?

As far as listing videos, we are still trying to figure this out ourselves. Video Ads we got in. Finding a hosting service for listing videos is the issue now. All of the ones recommended by Walmart are “full service” companies, meaning it seems like they will only host videos created by them for sellers. There’s also a monthly fee…

I need to try Walmart’s free hosting but I had major issues with this when we were trying to host our supplement fact panels. It’s supposed to be a requirement that these particular images get hosted for my category. After 3 months of trying, our incubation guy at Walmart somehow got this overridden and allowed us to roll out with that image as an upload like all the other images.

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We are trying to upload video for ads.
I didn’t even know that you can add videos to the listings.
I guess I have to spend more time on the wally’s house.

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It’s done through seller support within: Support > Items and Inventory > Rich Media

Instructions are there for how to open a listing video case


Is that $749 per listing or account?

On the listing videos… I was just fooling around with the WINSCP Walmart hosting site access which I’m glad I wrote down the credentials for back in Nov.

I’ll let you know if this works. Opening the case now to try and see if we can get 1 done and then will do the others. If you do end up needing to host files on Walmart, you need to open a ticket with support and ask for credentials. WINSCP is not the only tool you can use to access it. I forget the others but there are other options + for Mac users…

I don’t have high hopes for success on this try. Never had any luck hosting images and getting the link to get accepted but hey, let’s give it another try.

The Upload Process:

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$749 is per account per month. 30 SKU.
This is a discount price. Regular fee is $999
Partner is Optiwise.

Thank you very much for your explanation regarding listing videos. I will try it!

Now I remember when doing the onboarding they gave us acces to a FTP Server (Filezilla), but we never managed to connect. The credentials given by wally were always invalid. They never solved the issue and I gave up.

I can only dedicate a small part of my time to wally. It is a secondary marketplace for us and given the very poor results obtained so far, it does not invite us to dedicate much effort to it. the problem is that we have inventory in their warehouses, not much but we would like to take advantage of the christmas season to at least sell a good part of it.


Walmart has some set of balls charging that kind of money for that tiny marketplace for A+ Content. I’m sure it will be free eventually. I think we can wait…

Thanks for the info and be well

Hey there. So I uploaded our test video / .vtt file to Walmart’s SFTP server and generated the link for the case submission.

Of course (in true Amazon / Walmart fashion), the case failed. The interesting thing is that the support associated offered to take care of it if I uploaded the files directly into the case response.

Got this today:

Not live yet, but I’m sure it will be in a couple days.

So there’s the path forward for Walmart listing videos…

Just follow my (their) direction for support case creation, just make up a story that you are having an issue hosting the files, attach them to the case, and you should be good to go.

I have a feeling that everyone is having hosting issues (because it’s so stupid in 2023), and they want more video on the marketplace, so they are letting the team take care of it manually.

Be Well

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Thank you very much for sharing.
I will dig into this.

I have been informed that there is a free option at optiwise. You can import A+ for 5 SKU.
Not signed up yet.

Also I have entered the Review Accelerator Program (similar to VINE). It is 10$ per review. No reviews yet.

But the program that seems to be really worthwhile is the Review Syndication Program
It’s free and allows you to import the reviews you have on your own website. I’ve already signed up and waiting for approval.


We did review accelerator and it was really really slow to get reviews.

We also did the paid reviews with BazarrVoice. It was expensive and a lot of work (you need to ship the products to the buyers), but it worked quite well and quickly.

Our DTC business exists but not something we focus on so we don’t have enough reviews on our Shopify site to qualify.

I see lots of other sellers using the syndication program and it seems to work quite nicely. If you qualify for the program, it’s the way to go and FREE…

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Just an update on this for complete and accurate direction…

When you create a rich media case, it doesn’t allow the attachment of MP4 or VTT file types which is, well, RICH… LOL

All you need to do is go back to the case and click on it to re-open it. Oddly enough, it will then allow the attachment of these file types.

I just got the rest of the files for the balance of our listings and opened separate cases for each. That’s when I realized this issue. When the links got rejected the first time, the response did allow for these attachments.

@papy - Since you might ask… Yes, I thought about the possibility that uploading videos last week somehow caused our phantom Seller Fulfilled / WFS Fulfilled issue last night.

I have to think that isn’t the issue since it happened to all of our listings, not just the single listing we uploaded a video to as a test.

I got an email from Optiwise today about this free A+ Content migration and created an account.

Then, I noticed that you have to give Optiwise the keys to both your Amazon and Walmart accounts in order for them to make it happen.

Something tells me that Amazon probably isn’t all that enamored with their layouts being lifted and put onto Walmart so I didn’t move forward with it.

I have to imagine at some point Walmart will create an internal mechanism where you can manage / upload your own content directly on Seller Center for those Walmart Sellers who are not on Amazon or for sellers like us that don’t give access to our accounts to anyone for security reasons.

Just some thoughts on the subject.

As for a wrap up of this thread - the remainder of the videos we wanted to upload are now live on those listings. Once again, a different way of generating links out of the SFTP server failed and they accepted the actual files that were added to the case.

All different associates handled the different listings which means it’s standard protocol over there that they will except attached files vs. links, contrary to what they say is required in the directions. Google Drive is also an option now as well.

Be Well

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I would presume you’ve archived the URLs for where these now-live vids are now being pulled from Walmart’s image/media-hosting database(s), for possible use should problems of suppression arise in the future? :wink:

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You would presume wrong…

Thanks a bunch! I just did. Great idea.

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You’re most welcome, my friend.

I’ve always been quite fond of that hoary old saw “An Ounce of Prevention IS Worth a Pound Of Cure” - embracing it has saved my hide on numerous occasions.

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I’m herding so many cats right now (not real cats), that It never would have occurred to me to take those links off the site for the future.

I tend to be one of those people that say “Yay!, it’s done, move on”…

Then, when something creeps back up I Monday morning quarterback myself. :laughing: