Walmart+ Week.....

4 days vs. 2… So we all match what we are doing for Prime on Walmart and get high price errors for the 10th and the 13th…

Wonder if Amazon’s Algorithm takes that into account when there’s a prime exclusive deal going on and not a price change…

Can you shield the actual Walmart price with a coupon or promotion?

Promotions on Walmart are set up exclusively through upload which leads to the strikethrough and your choice of 2 badges. I assume there will be a third or they will convert the normal discount one to their Walmart + deal days badge.

So it’s technically a promotion so not sure the scraper will catch it or not but it’s not a risk I really want I don’t think… We would match the 2 so maybe we will just set them up for actual Prime Days. We have found Walmart shoppers to be quite loyal. 243 reorders since we launched in March from 181 buyers. Far short of our Amazon % of reorders / orders but that business is 4 years old.

Walmart Promo setup video for anyone interested…


I’ve made the decision NOT to run on Walmart for the 4 days and just set up promotions, matching our PD offers for just PD on Walmart.

The juice would never be worth the squeeze if Amazon nailed us for high price errors tomorrow and Thursday.

I would not put that past them as intentional punishment for sellers that are on both marketplaces.

Not sure if we are going to get any special flag bc we aren’t participating for the entire Walmart event but Jimmy cracked corn and I don’t care.

I’ll be interested in hearing how Walmart Week goes for you. The site says early access starts tomorrow at noon, but there have been some flash deals up for a couple of days already.

I’ll also be interested in seeing how my own sales go this week. It seems like people may finally be starting to shop again. Today has been ok so far, on both Amazon and Walmart, unlike the preceding two weeks, where things pretty much sucked.

I don’t do any special promotions or advertising during Prime/W+ time (or any other time), I’m just happy with selling more products at my regular price.


We have to promote (when in Rome in my category).

Last Prime Day(s), we sold 1700 units. It was INSANE.

Autofill search algorithm changed this week for our best sellers which has essentially put us out of business on Amazon so if that doesn’t bounce back, we are in big trouble.

This has happened before but never for this long. The crazy thing about this is that the 2 things that have sidelined our main search term on autofill combined (top 10 results) don’t even equal the sales of just our product and there are 20 other listings just like it so that’s how smart Amazon’s algorithms are.

AI made a change that is losing Amazon a lot of $… Good job guys.

Back on topic - When we run 7-day deals on Amazon, we match that price on Wally World and sales triple. It’s an aggressive price but still one that nets a pretty decent margin.