Warning Message Dissapeared !? - Immediate action required: Listing at risk of removal

Got this warning overnight about a toy that was flagged for pesticides (obviously an error) - When I checked initially, the warning showed up on our dashboard under “Restricted Product Policy Compliance” as a “no effect on account health” x 1, but now, 15 minutes later, the warning flag is gone completely. Nothing if I click on the Restricted Prod Violations either.

(The top warning - IP infringement is the Playmobil Naruto item that the company is working to fix)

Should I open a case for this or disregard and move on with my day? My initial reaction was to open a case and tell them the listing was not active, that it was removed in error.

More info - I am out of stock. On my inventory, the listing shows as inactive. If I drill into it from the inventory side of things, I can see two listings which are awaiting approval (see screenshot below):

This is to inform you that the following detail pages are at the risk of removal from our catalog. You must take remedial actions before 11/16/2023, UTC, else your listing(s) will be removed from our catalog. It is your obligation to ensure that the products you offer, comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and Amazon’s policies.

ASIN: B08YJ8K615, SKU: COBITOYS5716, Title: COBI 422 Pcs Historical Collection WWII Planes /5716/ Messerschmitt Bf 110 B

False policy violations appearing and disappearing are nothing new


Yeah, as mentioned here - the Pesticide bots are back just in time for the holidays

Some examples of pesticide claims include

  • removing
  • inhibiting
  • destroying
  • repelling
  • trapping
  • eliminating or mitigating the growth of odor-causing bacteria
  • mold
  • mildew
  • pests and/or viruses
  • and other similar claims
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I guess vagisil would be considered pesticide then

Yes Vagisil, Summer’s Eve, etc always get caught in the Pesticide Bot’s trap.

I was actually joking, but I’m not surprised that’s the truth.

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I opened a support case and told them it was a toy - They wrote me back and told me to take the pesticide class LOL. So I did that and wrote them back again and told them it’s still a toy. Hahahah

It requires the least effort on the part of everyone and is effective.

You got a brighter than average support rep.

When fighting the bots, few solutions are this easy, and effective.

Did that do the trick?

They haven’t written back yet…the case is still open. Sounded like the bots have gone crazy on “pesticide” claims this week so maybe CS is overloaded, I dunno?

The warning message is gone, there is no flag under Restricted Product Violations…and I deleted the item from my catalog just to be sure, so I’m hoping I’m in the clear. (found out I couldn’t get any more, so figured I’d delete the listing)


The listing says “crawler traction”

I do see in google that “Crawler-type pesticide spraying vehicle” is a thing.

Perhaps that’s the keyword getting flagged?