What could be the cause of dramatic fluctuation of impression every few days?


I have a manual product targeting campaign (the kind that displays my ads on the competitor’s product listing page) that performs well for most of the time. However, once every few days, the impression would be zero (or close to zero). See the green arrows on the 30 day graph below:

The campaign settings never changed. Some days the campaign have a few thousands of impressions while some (very next) days have zero. Very strange. This campaign only target one ASIN which is the alpha dog. That ASIN ranks #1 and has the largest market share for that niche.

I wish I know what make those green arrow days zero impression (hence no sales). So I fix it. Any ideas?

There is always that nasty effect that life has on commerce.

Some people limit their shopping to a small part of the week. Certain days may harbor events which discourage people from shopping.

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Thanks for your reply. Frankly I think your “people limit their shopping on some days” theory doesn’t fit the zero impression every few days. Impression has nothing to do with sales. It’s just a display on the screen to get some eyeballs. The ads doesn’t get display once every few days is weird.

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I think @lake was suggesting that the shoppers looking for your specific product type (or adjacent products that would still generate ads and views) might as a group simply have natural cycles to their Amazon/online shopping contact (not necessarily certain days specifically, that was an example).

FWIW, I’m personally wondering if the issue is with your competitor because these are your manual targets to their PDP.

  • competitor out of stock (shown in search or top of scroll)
  • competitor out of their own ad budget (fewer PDP views)
  • competitor price too high to get PDP clicks
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@papy presents a reasonable thesis.

I sort of hope it is correct since I detest parasitic behavior.

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Remember what you are talking about here. Amazon’s systems are a raging dumpster fire of duct tape and twine holding them together.

I see the same things you do all the time. Nothing makes sense and trying to figure it out is a waste of time because there’s no logic in how things work or don’t on Amazon.

I was doing a lengthy project overnight for demographic and sales by state / zip code. Both sets of data were so dirty, it took me from 10PM - 4AM to fix it all so it could be presented logically to a professional we are working with on our SM platforms. Thought it would take me 60-90 mins to put this together - it took 6 hours.

Just saying you are the king of data (Amazon), does not make it so.

Further to that point, Amazon is and has been doing a tremendous amount of testing all of Q2 with a million different things when it comes to ad delivery, organic rank, and various badges. All customer experiences have been different when:

  • On Desktop - not signed into a Prime Account
  • On Desktop - signed into a Prime Account
  • On Desktop - Incognito
  • On Mobile - not signed into a Prime Account
  • On Mobile - Signed into a Prime Account
  • Buyer App

Right there, you have 6 different user experiences and it all ties back to the back end things that run our Ads / listings / Organic Search. I should also mention how things within these experiences are changing based on time of day as well. It’s phenomenal actually.

All of this is affecting every Amazon seller in good / bad ways.

I suspect that all of this testing will conclude by Sept 30th and the Q4 experience for buyers and thus sellers will be consistent, or at least as consistent as it used to be before they went nuts with all of this testing. Whatever this new experience is that they land on from all the testing will be great for some sellers and not so great for others.

I’ve only been doing this since 2018 but in that time, I have never seen this level of testing.

My money is on this for why you are seeing what you are seeing.




Wishful thinking … at best it will be replaced with Q4 Glitchmas …

One look at the Ad dashboard and you can see that Amazon is tinkering

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 19-07-59 Campaigns Amazon Advertising
Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 19-08-16 Campaigns Amazon Advertising

Beta this and beta that … and Bid Adjustment this and bid adjustment that …

Every time they tinker with the code … it is bound to create a down trend as the counter can’t count when it is being tweaked …


Since this campaign only target one ASIN, the top alpha dog. It’s easy for me to track him. This ASIN is pretty good at keeping inventory. Even with high volume, I’ve never seen it out of stock. The price rarely changes. I don’t know about his ads budgets. So, can’t comment on that.

Interesting theory. I hope so :slight_smile: Thanks for your comment.


True. They test with live environment as they’re trying to test buyers and sellers behavior. Hmm…