What could be the cause of Page View number to significantly drop in a short period of time?

I have a product that has been selling 10 - 20 units a day (average 15 unit daily) consistently for a long time. In the last 8 days (June 17 to June 21), it only sold 35 units total or about 4/day which is a significant drop from 15/day. I didn’t change anything. PPC of this product only accounts to 7% of sales. The other 93% is organic. Therefore I ruled out PPC.

After checking info from Business Reports of Seller Central, I discovered that the Page View per day of this product from June 17 to June 21 fell off the cliff from the normal (data from YTD) 1100/day to 42/day. :fearful:

No wonder the sales have disappeared. A very strange phenomenon is that the Unit Session Percentage (conversion rate) has gone up from 1.1% (data from YTD) to 16% (6/17 to 6/21). The product hasn’t been out of stock in the last 2 years. Reviews are very positive with average 4.7 star from over 3000 reviews. I did the keyword index check by entering the main keywords and ASIN to the search box and the listing showed up. So the keywords are still indexed.

What could cause the Page View number to drop severely? What else should I check? Please advise. Thank you.

what is the item?

Also, prime day is coming, so sales may suck (depending on the item) until prime day.


I’d be careful about driving yourself crazy over stuff like this. We’ve noticed a bit of a downtrend in volume / pageviews lately but overall category / subcategory rank has remained where we like to see it.

Prime Day was made public yesterday which always takes a bite out of sales for a few days. Then, consumers seem to forget about it and come back and roar back during the event.

Check your rank, has it fallen statistically with the volume or is it little changed? That’s where the focus should be. You can’t bring shoppers to Amazon but you can convert them. If there are less shoppers right now, there will be less sales.

Schools are letting out this week, people are going on vacation, Prime Day announced. My point is there are headwinds at the moment on Amazon / ecommerce.

Good Luck


Could very well be search placement changes, increased PPC competition, but it need not be anything.

The stock market behavior this week affected my views and sales. With last weeks market rally, both were up. This week with a new round of FED worries they are down.

My sales have correlated with the stock market for many years.

My way of dealing with it is either wait for things to change, or if I need more revenue - offer more items.

It’s an item used in a house. It’s not seasonal.

I think this product sold about 30 units last year Prime day.

Thanks for your reply. Sorry I forgot to mention that based on Helium10 chart, yes the BSR of this product has been rising since the first day of sales drop. Before the drop in sales, its average BSR is at 60K, now it’s at 150K :frowning:

Thanks for your reply. How long would wait before something?

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Simple really. Amazon is prioritizing advertisers over organic listings…they want you to spend and there is no way around it. You will have to spend your way to higher page view and therefore changing your usp by a significant amount…our popular listings have about a 15 point shift higher with ppc vs without. The key obviously, over time, is to spend less, but in this specific period before prime day; everyone and their mother is overpsending on ppc to rank for prime day.

The set it and forget it listing strategy can work if you have a large number of skus (+30) and each moves 10-15 units on average to have a sustainable business, but if you’re under 10 skus that won’t work from a volume standpoint since just selling isn’t the end all and be all of the supply chain - making your supplier happy with volume is from the supply side and from the distribution side - keeping amazon happy.

Anyone who says otherwise is stuck in 2017-2019 - it’s 2023

Now obviously, I’m not suggesting to up spend; what I’m saying is look at the entire life cycle of a product and see if ranking is even worth it and if the product is one of your forever products that no matter what doesn’t have a substitute - this hedge is an educated guess and of course that comes with risk.

Finally, there is the hybrid model of external marketing which is super powerful - but this comes with being a brand and shifting the business foci to building a brand audience - it takes some doing but there are multiple instagram accounts that do this well…I mean, like really good. One such account is damalrestaurant out of uk - I saw their instagram account grow in a very short period with creative content - this is work.

Hope this helps.


Helium 10 and Jungle Scout help others target your product and steal your sales.

If your BSR is dropping it could be because your product is on the way to the land of dead products, overwhelmed by competition who are willing to sacrifice profit to make sales.

Product lifecycles on Amazon are far shorter than they used to be.


What a ray of hope and sunshine…

I don’t mean to be obtuse but decision making really comes down to the operator and multiple variables which are outside of the scope of this forum.

Also, conjecture and chaos theory/butterfly effects are unhelpful as far as acute business decision making is concerned. Unless, you can somehow include it in a mathematical model and apply it to your situation.

If it can’t be measured, you can’t make a decision based on it. I would keep conjecture like wars, markets, butterflies in the fore for what they are and nothing more. It’s philosophically important of course; just not falsifiable.

End rant.

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Tried_Tested, thanks for the good long reply. The race to the top before prime day theory is possible. I didn’t think of that before. However it’s only this one product that has significant drop in Page View quickly. The rest of my catalog is doing just fine. So, this theory is just “maybe”.

Your lifecycle theory is interesting. Yes this product is replaceable (people could buy from my competitors if they settle with less features and don’t mind paying more).

Yep, external traffic is a thing since last year. That’s another kink that I need to work in my business.


Yes its conjecture, which requires split testing behind it. But it is falsifiable/testable. Up spend and see what happens - don’t do it unless you’re ok with the consequences of upping spend - i.e. draining capital, not ranking etc.

There are more variables to this including kw demand - here opportunity explorer is of much help.

Another variable could be listing optimization as well including hero images.

Everything has to be testable.

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Thanks for your reply. True, I stole lots of sales from product targeting campaigns for years. So it’s only fair that others stole sales from my products as well :slight_smile: However if that’s the case (others stole the sales from my listing), it would have shown in low conversion rate when the listing gets lots of click but don’t convert. This case is different. All of the sudden, the listing doesn’t get shown as frequent as normal. It’s almost like an algorithm changed.

Yes, BSR is getting worse slowly. That’s the result from the drop in sales, not the cause.

Thanks for the guidance. I’ll check the Opportunity Explorer (heard about it about a while but I’ve been too lazy to check it out) and KW demand.

Up spend PPC wouldn’t do much because PPC sales only accounts to 7% of the total sales. Even if it doubles, that would be only 14%, a minority.

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Not necessarily true. You cannot convert when you are not viewed, You may be seeing orders from only your repeat customers who are the bulk of those viewing. Or may ship to a destination which your competitors do not.

These are all hypotheticals, but the are all situations relabelers of Alibaba products face if they have had reasonable success levels.


Interesting. Never thought of that.

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“Specific, observable, and measurable”


What a quaint and old fashioned notion. The new gold standard is scientific consensus.

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Amazon is screwing with listings, buy box, competitive price, and the like.

You will drive yourself crazy if you allow it.

We get this type of problem all the time.