What did I do wrong?

Last week, I knew I was going to be on the road for a craft show.

So on Wednesday morning, I uploaded a file to change the processing days to 4 on all of my items. About noon, I took a look and sure enough and order that was placed later on Wednesday showed expected shipping date for Tuesday, Nov 14. (Thursday, Friday, Saturday was a holiday, Sunday is no shipping, Monday, ship Tuesday). There were no errors noted on any of the lines.

Head out to do the show. Come back Monday…I see three orders need to be shipped on Monday. I was thinking “What the heck” … maybe the came through before the spreadsheet was processed fully – but that would mean a Thursday (last week) ship date.

Then as I thought I was working on Monday to get a headstart on Tuesday’s orders…I noticed more orders to be shipped by the 13th…like lots. I had the orders sorted by date ordered. Some were ordered on Sunday and they had a Monday ship by date – should have given me four days if the spreadsheet had no errors, right?

And I couldn’t resort my orders based on “Ship by” date either to bring them to the top. I had to scroll through and find them.

I feel like half of my orders were like this – thankfully I caught it and could still ship on Monday, but dang it I needed Monday to unpack from the show and thought I planned properly.

It wouldn’t take effect if there was a pending order already.

I wonder if this is all related to Amazon’s basically ignoring handling time and resetting everyone back to 1 day handling.


Yup, probably this :arrow_heading_up: :arrow_heading_up: :arrow_heading_up:

Eff Amazon!


Geez, I hope not.

I have to do the same thing next Wednesday because we’ll be gone to a show Thursday through Sunday.

I even went back through my shipping settings to make sure all that looked ok.

I hope not for you also

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True – which is why I was thinking I was good to go when the next order processed with the additional handling time.

I didn’t set anything back to 1 day (or 4 days for handmade) until Tuesday morning.

So…how did an order placed on Sunday need to be shipped by Monday?

Should I bother to take screenshots an ask Amazon next time?

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Do an experiment, Set it to 4 days today and see if it sticks tomorrow


I have pre-prepared spreadsheets for 7 days, 4 days, and normal 1 day (with 4 for handmade). So switching back and forth is easy.

(Thanks to @Image a long time ago for that idea.).

Recently set the same thing up for Walmart but for inventory levels…one upload and everything goes to zero. Dummy me really needed that when Mom had an emergency…and I think Walmart is starting to pay attention to how many days off you take.

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Flat file uploads are so powerful and easy once you master them, but I do understand how people who don’t use them on a regular bases can be frightened by them


What’s with the handing time change for FBM? Are they trying to get everyone to jump over to FBA? And how does that work for hand made items since that’s been a discussion.

sRsLy fUqD


Exactly. And with no handmade forums to speak of on the NSFE, how it works is you best be ready made or ready-to-get-it-done now. That excludes a lot of custom, a lot of pottery, soaps, things that need curing time, etc.

(I know some of y’all are there trying on the NSFE, but from what I’ve seen here it doesn’t look like there is any serious mod help like days of yore…)

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I’m not reading over there at all.

I’ve always believed that a more than one day processing time “kills” sales. I left mine at 7 days and had almost ZERO handmade sales. Whereas over at Walmart, the most I can have is 3 days and yep, some sell. Since reducing it to 4 from 7, there have been more sales. So the goal is to have one of everything made ready to go…and I’ve been there, I just have to be careful because then I sell TWO…one at Amazon and one on Etsy or Walmart. The struggle is real…in handmade.


How’s it going @doilyboutique444 ?

Yesterday’s orders were accurate. Everything that was there before the flat file upload was 1 day. Then later in the day, 4 days.

So I put it back to one day. That small change honestly affects my sales a lot…and it’s the wrong time of the year to be doing this before a weekend.

BUT I have to do it again on Wednesday to get over the Thankgiving weekend hump. So that will be the better weekend to see what happens.

Monday after black friday is always horrible for me…we drive 6 hours back from Jacksonville’s show so I’m super tired…and have THE most orders from the weekend that day. Last year, I stayed “off” on Monday and by Wednesday, I was caught up and could put it back to 1 day processing time. It’s me…and my “hell week” is coming up.


No … trying to get everyone to have shorter estimated delivery times. Even though Amazon is failing at the 2 day delivery thing, they would like sellers to present and get customers 2 day delivery. It’s a merchandising / advertising strategy for Amazon.

:warning: :warning: MAKE SURE you download a NEW FRESH template. :warning: :warning:
Amazon changed them all as of Dec 11


I would try to keep with the older, simpler, sheet if they’ll still take it.

Geez! 27 columns now … It just keeps growing.

Price & Quantity … and more price, and even more price, and some discount, and more discount, and some more discount…

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That’s the key here. If they still take it and it doesn’t error, all is good, but test before it’s needed.


Hey! Have you been lurking in my brain??? :laughing: