What I Bought vs What I Got

Wish has been sold for a tiny fraction of its former “valuation” of $14 Billion (yes, billion with a “B”), proving that no online platform is any better than their most recent quarter.

(“What I bought vs what I got” is a good thing to type into google if you need a laugh, as Wish was famous for having product photos that were much better than the actual products that one would buy.)


I looked at the site once, they had 14K gold diamond rings listed for a dollar.

You gotta a be a moron to expect anything other than a piece of tin spray painted gold with a piece of broken glass glued to it.

It’s not even like they were selling knock offs of stuff, every listing was a straight up lie.



AKA you wish you get what you ordered!


The best laugh is this part – " The Board intends to use the proceeds from the transaction to help monetize its NOLs. The Board also intends to explore the opportunity for a financial sponsor to help ContextLogic realize the value of its tax assets."

In other words there will be a company out there with NO operations, no business in place and only hoping to sell LOSSES to some company that actually made money and wants to shelter it.

Does anyone really question the need for a total tear down of the tax system any longer?


I’m fully in favor, as long as I get to decide what we replace it with.


Only SLIGHTLY facetious but ----

For starters, a flat tax of 5% with no deductions, write offs, tax credits, etc.

If it doesn’t raise enough money too bad.

Make really hard decisions about what programs are a waste, like paying for some research to study the life cycle of some obscure sea mollusk that no one ever heard of… (I’m sure some grant was done for something like that!)


I got a better idea, no taxes. The govt raises money by charging money for military and police services.

The United Mafia of America


OK, getting back onto topic!


Ahem, Back onto the topic of WISH :slight_smile:


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