What inventory management software do you use, if any?

Good morning and happy Monday, y’all. I’m looking for recommendations on inventory management software for our FBA inventory. What I’m wanting to get with this, more than anything, is a single page where the profit margins are updated automatically when the price of our products change, allowing me to see our profit margin accurately in real time without manual intervention (ideally, factoring in the Send to Amazon shipping costs per unit as well).

Even though we’ve tremendously grown in the last years, I’m a bit ashamed to say that I still calculate our profit margin on each product on an Excel spreadsheet, pulling the price and FBA fee info from the Manage Inventory page. This is a very inefficient process, but I’ve been wary of doing it through software because:

  1. Prices for most of our products is quite stable (I tend to steer away from products that experience significant price fluctuations).
  2. I don’t like the idea of of inserting our COGS / rebate percentages on someone else’s system.

However, I think I’m wasting too much time doing this daily, and it looks like the pros outweigh the cons. Would love to hear everyone’s recommendations.

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If all you really want is something to help with some bookkeeping, a full inventory management system might not be the best solution.

Our inv. management program handles everything from purchase orders to multi-channel inventory updates in real time to P&L reports, but has to the power to do much more than we use it for, and we use it for almost everything. It sounds like you need something more stripped down for your basic FBA needs.

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May I ask which one you use?

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