When are we going to run some contests here?

Oy Vey! :roll_eyes: :face_vomiting:

When one of us wins the Amazon $100, we can then do ten $10 give aways for finding the most bot like mod response on NSFE on why Buy Shipping isn’t working right between 12/17/2023 to 1/2/2024.

Please, No! I left working in an office years ago to avoid this crap.

When you put it that way… AGREE! Haha

I heard t-shirts went over well back in the day.

As though I need another T-shirt! I used to collect them but don’t wear them any more but there are probably about 200 of them tucked away in a closet I have not opened in 5 or 6 years.

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Does not compute…

Happened upon mine AND my note just the other day!
Never worn…yet. But I don’t think it was a prize; I think it was a legitimate “thank you” that several OSFE users received. Of course, it became a Whole Thing. :roll_eyes:


Just the tip :smirk_cat:

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30+ years in the same apartment–this happens.

Some day we might have to go through the built-in record cabinets…


Never got a T-shirt from Amazon, but got a couple of certificates I put up on the bulletin board in the pantry years ago.


I gave the t-shirt to Goodwill. Trashed the note, just like I trashed the Christmas card from Amazon’s marketing VP a previous year.

When I ran real (rather than virtual) businesses I tried to avoid doing any significant amount of business with anyone I would not have to my home for dinner. Mostly succeeded.

Amazon ruined any chances of continuing this rule.

The Internet is full of sellers who loathe and despise the sites who hows their products. And not just the marketplaces.

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I finally got around to wearing mine for the first time earlier this year (on 26Jan23, the day after I was borged into the NSFE).

In my case, Danny sent a follow-up in the PM/DM he opened to request the direct shipping address, saying that there would be a delay in dispatching the t-shirt because he was sorely disappointed with the quality of the original lot of goods that had been procured for the program.

Judging by the superior quality of the good that was actually sent, I suspect he did the right thing.


That Danny was a real person and a nice guy, actually interested in Seller perspectives and engaging with OSFE users for the benefit of 3Ps.

I don’t know if NSFE Danny is the same Danny/same person, or just (another) account re-use.

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