When you get a scam return


I had heard that Safe T Claims depend on Amazon issuing the refund, but things change so often that I can’t keep up with it. I’ll keep the link for the reimbursement policy open in case I need it, though.

Thank you for taking the time to help, Dogtamer!


Exactly what I’m trying to decide, Prime!

The restocking fee goes up in increments of 20% from 0% to 100%, so it looks like if I refund anything at all, then I’ll at least lose 20% of the sale.

I know, on a $37 pair of earrings I’ve already spent far more time than the earrings are worth, but this customer’s behavior needs to get some negative attention from Amazon, and I’m hoping that I can help get them that negative attention.


I’ve been hoping to see more sellers with more experience offer advice here. Maybe tonight will be more active.

I agree that we need to push back against these abusive buyers for any chance they get weeded out.


In my understanding, Safe-t claims are to right a wrong where Amazon refunds either a RFS return or a SFP return. If in fact the Handmade category is ever able to file a safe-t claim, you will be able to find out with the eligibility tool. My guess is support is in error telling you that you will be able file a claim after Amazon refunds buyer. If you refund, the max you will be able to refund is 50%. Personally I would direct the buyer to file an A-Z as they did not return the correct item and you have all the message as well as photo evidence to support your defense to the claim. I certainly may be wrong but support has never outright refunded a Handmade order for me, but rather filed an A-Z order on behalf of the buyer, which I then successfully defended with documentation and messages.


Sounds good, Wade, thank you! I already messaged the buyer to tell them that they needed to return the proper item for a refund. Would you just go ahead and tell the buyer that they can also file an A to Z claim, or just wait to see what they do? The 48 hours started at 9 am this morning.

I found a place where you can mark the item as materially different and charge a 100% restocking fee. So I don’t know if that counts as a refund at all, but there is a place to upload pictures of the return and give 500 characters of information. Maybe I should just do that instead?


That’s what I was going to recommend, but like Prime I wanted to see if Wade or other Handmade Artisans would weigh in.


I did not realize this was available so I agree with @Dogtamer to go this route. If an A-z is then filed you still have all the further documentation to defend/appeal.


Thank you, I’ll try this and see what happens.


It says “Upload Complete”. I’ll let you know what happens. Thank you to all of you who helped me with this!


Just wanted to update you to say that the buyer has not continued to press this case, as primetime predicted. Hopefully they’re gone for good!