Where is: Item Classification

So I’m trying to move my sku from one Asin to Another. I’ve done it 100x via Template but this is the first time I get this message in my processing report.

the following data is different from what’s already in the Amazon catalog: item_classification (Merchant: ‘base_product’ / Amazon: ‘product_bundle’)

It’s clearly something different from Item Type Keyword & Product Type.
Anyone know what field I can update from “base product” to “Product Bundle”?

It seems to be referring to the “Parentage” field but that field only has 2 valid values Parent & Child

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@Sundance what category is this?

@oneida_books have you seen this?

to my knowledge on this, you can’t move a SKU when this error occurs. You have to delete, wait and recreate. Even then sometimes you get errors, but not very often.


Note …

I just ran into this same thing myself tonight while working with a Parent SKU I was testing in an XML Feed.

<ResultMessageCode = 8603
<ResultDescription = You cannot change the 'item_classification' for SKU ‘StaXXXXX’ by submitting a feed with a new value. To change this attribute, do the following: 1) Submit a feed to delete the existing SKU. 2) Submit a feed to recreate the SKU with the updated ‘item_classification’.

Kinda odd though …