Who gave this clown a Walmart account???

So I purchased a box of trash bags at Walmart.com and didn’t realize it’s shipped by a 3rd party seller. Next day, I find a box of trash bags at my door, as expected, no shipping label, just in Walmart sleeve.

It’s the wrong trash bags.This is when I go to complain, and realize it’s a 3rd party seller.
I e-mail the seller and he writes back: “Read the title it clearly states (copy of title).” Totally ignored the fact that I didn’t GET what was in the title.

Seller has NO reviews, 7 products listed

I contact support and tell them wrong bags. They say "Can’t be, this item isn’t scheduled to be shipped until the 22nd and has not shipped yet. They say go ahead keep or donate the bags you received.

Fast forward 24 hours and the light bulbs finally come on.

THIS FOOL, ordered the special clear bags I wanted at Walmart.com and had them delivered to my door. And as they do when they are out of a product, they SUBSTITUTED it.

Since the bags still show not shipped, I requested a cancellation…smh…
drop shipping on Walmart via Walmart and not even then, doing it right…

I’m not a Walmart shopper, but I have heard when your order x for curbside pickup sometimes you get x, sometimes y, and sometimes 6.

Yeah. Not the Amazon way.


I am a regular Walmart shopper since we almost always have our groceries delivered. I always turn off the substitution feature. I’ve learned my lesson.


You have to wonder if the seller is not us based and has no idea


I had not even thought about that possibility.

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Bigger question is will they even get paid without tracking?

Hopefully NOT. It would serve as an inexpensive lesson in how not to screw with the system.


The drop shipping 3P would need to turn off substitutions on their account.

Holy heck, @Nutty_Nuisance, you need to let Walmart know. I’m sure that using a Walmart account as a Seller to drop ship from Walmart to other Walmart accounts is prohibited.


Yeah, I can see myself trying to explain this to buyer support :slight_smile: However, he’s about to figure out that things are not as easy as making a fool of buyers. I may have a chat with support if he wont cancel. I’m actually more pissed about his rude reply…


I’m sure that using a Walmart account as a Seller to drop ship from Walmart to other Walmart accounts is prohibited.

I’m trying to figure out how this could even be profitable? Nutty orders X for $x.xx. Walmart drop-shipper receives the order and then places an order directly with Walmart to deliver the same X to Nutty’s house.

Unless Nutty overpaid dramatically by purchasing from the drop-shipper at a higher price than Walmart itself offered, how could this benefit the drop-shipper?

Walmart makes it even harder to find the ‘other sellers’ than Amazon does, and from my limited observations so far, Walmart gets the Buy Box formula right, where the best purchase option actually IS the one that’s suggested. So I can’t understand how the drop-shipper would make any money here?

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Only thing I would guess while awaiting Nutty’s response, is the seller had the trash bags listed for less than Walmart sells, but he was actually out of stock. Rather than cancelling the order, he ordered the product from Walmart at a loss so he didn’t get the hit for cancelling.

If he were a normal drop shipper, I would think he’s have more than 7 products listed. Of course, with him having no reviews, he could just be completely clueless and think he can just add products he doesn’t actually have possession of on marketplaces and when he gets a sale, the marketplaces will ship the buyer the item and he will get paid for ‘making the sale’. :joy:

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I just needed a big box clear trash bags and wasn’t comparing prices very much. Checking back, Walmart does not offer these at all. Given his response that I should read the title, I can only assume that he thought he was selling standard white trash bags (same brand but $10 cheaper). He’s brand new, pretty sure he has no clue what he is doing, that’s why I am surprised he landed a Walmart account with his 7 random products.

so confused can’t even think this through…

Maybe Walmart just randomly felt like dropping 120 white trash bags at my door…


That does seem like it could be a possibility. :thinking: Stranger things have happened. :laughing:

Since you say the order you placed doesn’t even show it’s shipped yet, you probably won’t end up paying for it. And if you get another shipment of something else, then you can dispute the payment with Walmart. In either case, free white trash bags for you! :laughing:

Which, of course, isn’t much value if you don’t want white trash bags, but still…

I’m assuming, based on what you’ve said, that you did not get the standard Walmart - your order has been shipped, and your order has been delivered - emails, so from their perspective, you haven’t got your order yet, and shouldn’t be charged if you never do.

Depending on the size you need, try HDX clear bags, also available at Home Depot. On Walmart, they’re sold by Pro Sellers with feedback history, and HD may have cheaper options.





My bags were $25 for the 120…while still not paper thin. You can’t get them anywhere else under 40 bucks. I don’t think he caught the “clear” in the title and has since removed his offer on these bags and added white bags to his products…

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Yeah, you got a winner.

Who gave this clown a Walmart account???

I find this to be an interesting question actually.

In one of my weaker moments (when I thought I might actually find time to add them to my sites) I applied and was rejected.

I sell under a sole member LLC and as such I use my SS#. Yes, I understand it’s maybe stupid, but I’m not going to change it now and none of the kids are interested in carrying on selling this stuff when I croak.

Walmart refused to recognize the use of my SS# as the Tax ID for the site.

I’ve dodged a few bullets and maybe this one was a good one from the sounds.

I hope they never change their mind. I have a weakness for starting new ventures despite having no time to do anything with them…

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There was a time when Walmart was very strict about who was allowed to sell.

Now I get the feeling, not so much!

Rats… I may need a reminder. Not sure if I heard this at an AA meeting a few decades ago or not, but it’s good enough ----‘temptation, get thee behind me’ comes to mind.
:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:


We’re here for you :wink:

Let the flogging begin.

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