Who Is Generating Templates Under My Seller Account?

While trying to solve another issue, I went to Generate a Template and made a strange discovery… Somebody is generating templates, it would seem, under my seller account. I never generated these… Would some automated system by chance be doing it?

Highlighted the ones that shouldn’t be.

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Yes, what 3rd party apps do you have connected to your account? I lot of them work via reports.


H10 data-scraping, methinks.

That’s what turned out to be the culprit when we noticed this same phenomenon in 2019.


Baby Yoda beat me to it.

Man, it’s tough gettin’ old… :smile:


Do these programs generate templates or do they just run reports?

We stopped allowing any 3rd party access to our account other than shipstation, so I am not sure why they would need to generate a template unless they were adding products to inventory. Don’t think I would allow any other company, but our own, to do that.

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Generally speaking, only the latter - unless the Third Party Service Provider, as you’ve astutely noted, is directly engaging this or that Add Products functionality - but in our experience of unexplained template generation, it turned out that certain MWS API queries being made by H10 were actually prompting Amazon’s own automated mechanisms to generate them.

For us, this all started w/ the initial round of the PII Protection Initiative for MWS API, deployed in advance of the ever-looming* shift to the SP-API; it took me a long time and a lot of effort to figure out what was going on.

Once we turned off the spigot, spurious flat-file template generation ceased.


I am willing to wager that the MWS API deprecation date will once again be delayed, as it has been so many times for so many years now…


Just one of several reasons we never connected H10 or any other App to our account.

Yes, use and love H10 but connection to the account - NOPE…

Don’t need to give Amazon or anyone else an excuse to cause heartache / aggravation / panic.


This is a wise choice and my own, but we need to acknowledge the suffering of the ancestors who did connect the account and have paid various prices over the years for that folly.

We learned from your mistakes! Eternal gratitude :pray:

(Seriously, OSFE was a master class in how to avoid certain issues. RIP.)

If they are running custom reports, then they do generate report templates (to re-run a custom report in the future), but not inventory templates (for adding/updating ASINs).

:thinking: I doubt that Shipstation would have any interest in doing anything outside of shipping automation, but I have never connected it to my account, so perhaps I’m wrong about that.

Meanwhile, when you stopped allowing 3rd party access, did you also revoke previous access? Some Sellers have reported that it took many tries to get apps completely out of their accounts.

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Years ago we used a couple of re-pricers. We revoked all access and never had any problems with either after that.

We will never use a re-pricer again, even Amazons. One of them repriced all of our inventory to a penny. We had to cancel hundreds of orders and beg Amazon to forgive us. They did, but I think it was only because the repricing company also contacted Amazon to explain their mistake.

As for Shipstation, they can track your inventory for you, so they would probably need to access inventory reports, but we don’t give them that access.

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Jeepers, I am so sorry that happened! Very thankful that the repricer was willing to own their mistake and speak to Amazon on your behalf.

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The first repricer was not as legit. The program was wonky and only repriced downwards.

The second one that repriced to a penny was pretty legit and we did like using the program until the mishap. We weren’t the only company on Amazon they did this too. It was probably 100s or 1000s.

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I love my repricer. It very rarely messes up, it has pretty powerful and flexible repricing strategies, and I don’t have to monitor tens of thousands of SKUs. It took some jury-rigging but they reprice off my purchase orders so I don’t have to update price changes manually… It is a little expensive though.


Ours was expensive too. When we first started, we didn’t have our brand ready to go, so we were competing for the BB. After our trademark went through, we no longer had to compete. If we were still sharing the BB, we would probably use one.

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That may even be an understatement.

Once upon a time I always included forum reading along with the Seller University recommendation.

I stopped doing that.