Who woulda guessed snake oil salesmen are scammers?

B073S9HRJ9 (top selling snake oil on Amazon)



How is this not violating false marketing laws?!

I mean, he does openly say it is snake oil. And a snake oil salesman is a statement for a fraudster.

I would say that he is delightfully on target in his naming as he is selling a fraud.

It’s a topical skin product. Just a name, not technically violating anything. Pretty funny too.

Sells a whopping 50 a month. Who cares. There’s that old saying - Buyer Beware…


Why does one need to oil their snake… I am so confused. It this a euphemism for something adult, a pet product, or a gag gift?

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He has appropriate warnings


Maybe it is being interpreted wrong:
It isn’t oil made from snake.
It is oil to be applied to your snake’s skin.

It says to apply to skin. It doesn’t specify human or reptile skin.

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Goes back to the question of why do you need to oil your snake

Apparently so. Google “Do snakes need to be oiled.”

There is more to snake care than we thought.