Whoa... Now we can add our comments to Seller Polls....

Not sure if anyone has seen this but it popped up on Sat for me.

I would love to share my feelings but Nah…

After seeing your post, I decided to go and test it, and I got the comment box too. Wonder if those comments will ever be read by a human or just a bot.


Same. I answered “neither agree nor disagree” as a tester and got this. 250 characters = very brief


I suspect Bot first and some will get filtered down maybe to someone with a heartbeat. Whether that heart is fueling a functional brain is debatable.


I have a hunch these polls are written by student interns to fulfill college requirements for a business degree.


[May 24]


Yeah but just because we can add them, don’t mean anyone gonna read them…

(ala Seinfeld “anyone can TAKE a reservation, it’s the HOLDING that’s the important part”)

Like the scene in “LOST” where all the notebooks of observations sent in the tube just went into a dump.

I completely forgot about that, :upside_down_face: I might need to give it a re-watch.

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:woman_facepalming: Thanks for the reminder @Sundance! Seems like it was a roll-out feature, not immediate for all Sellers.

I didn’t watch Lost, but I can feel the pain in looking at that pile. So I pivot from pain to cringe…

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Are you in favor of polls that are so poorly conceived you have provide an explanatory essay after answering?
  • Of course!
  • Yes!
  • Indeed!
  • They are the best!
  • I already filed my taxes!
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Click “Reply” to provide an essay explain your choice.

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We kept looking for your essay box but couldn’t find it so we decided the reply box would have to do.

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I’d like to believe that I’m over qualified for the Amazon position of Senior Lead Seller Poll Developer…

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well like I think I want to add comments to my answer but then my cat started meeowing for his food and I forgot the question. Or my answer.

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