Why no 2 day shipping?

Any idea why 2 day shipping is not showing? I really need it reflecting on my FBM items, all of them are showing the same as my screen shot below. It was there yesterday.
Here is a screenshot of my shipping template and my listing.
It also doesn’t show my expedited shipping, but I am not worried about that right now.
I am also super frustrated about the really long free shipping, I have same day production on everything, but that’s a completely separate issue too.

My first though is to check that the item is on the correct shipping template, and to check the shipping template to make sure nothing changed. Amazon does change shipping templates without informing us sometimes.


I checked that I even moved them all to a different moved back neither worked.

Handling time set to same day? Strange


Yes they all are blank or have a zero. It doesn’t matter which one. Same issue.

ON the top of Amazon on the left you should see your city & zip.


If you change the zip to 10001 - does the shipping options change?


It sure does. Thank you that’s amazing. You would think same city same state it would be more favorable. Appreciate your help. Especially when i’m in seattle sending to New York seems like it would be harder. Lol.


My thought was if you offer free 2-day shipping to your own region then why should it show a PAID option for the same delivery time


I just noticed the delivery time. Something is still wrong.

2-day → 12/21
Expedited → 12/22
Standard → 12/26
Economy → 12/27

Which part is wrong?

Ignore the early date in the range, holiday transit times are screwing up ETA’s displayed

2 day should get there Monday, my cut off time on Amazon is 2pm with a drop off of 430pm. Its only noon where I am. I shipped 2 days yesterday, Friday was the delivery date.

As stated in this post, 2-day on Thursday orders should have a delivery date of Saturday - not Monday. As Amazon, calculates Saturday as a delivery day. I took us a while to figure out that was the reason we kept getting late deliveries and effecting our Premium Shipping eligibility.

You can check your eligibility here:


If you go here, does it show that a Promise Extension has been added?

Have you double checked that you are still eligible for Premium Shipping options?

If it’s not those, could the issue be the automated shipping template? You could try switching one item to a non-automated one and see if it shows the 2 day option.


Looks like I do, I ship onetime as you can see. I’m wondering if my location is starting to effect my transit times.

I never knew this was a thing. It looks good!

I had 2x two day shippings yesterday and it was a true two days. Ordered Wednesday morning, shipped that day, delivery tomorrow ( Friday,)

Its unusual this shows 13, i have way more premium shipping then that


So what we do is on:
Wednesday 2:00pm to Thursday 2:00pm we add $16 to the 2-day shipping because we have to choose “Saturday delivery” which is an additional $16.00

Thursday 2:00pm to Friday 2:00pm we add an additional $10.00 because we need to choose NEXT DAY air to get it there by monday

Friday 2:00pm we reduce the price back to normal (removing the $26.00)

Rinse & repeat

Not many 2nd day orders those days, but we keep our eligibility which is the goal.


I have been looking at one ASIN that makes a good present. I have the buy box. Yet, to ship it to my wife here in southern California, Amazon warns me that it “…May arrive after Christmas.” in big red letters. I have expedited shipping turned on.

The first non-BB seller, 500 miles away in SF, gets a green statement that it “Arrives before Christmas”. I put it in my cart to have a good look at it. Two day shipping is not available, nor is expedited.

Amazon is promising me that a book will arrive via media mail after travelling 500 miles, and will do so faster than expedited to the same city.

I think that this is another bot that needs some improvement.

My items are last minute “ohh shoot… I forgot” items which are really needed during a season of parties. This is exactly why I am not happy that no one can get a true 2 day delivery right now with my stuff.
I might change in and out of SSA and see what happens.