Will Amazon Become a $2 Trillion Company in 2023?

Sellers ARE the product. :unamused:


I don’t think they’ll reach (I’d be happy. I have a little bit of ama-stock that could do with a revamp :smile:).

But the PPC cash cow is certainly taking money. And I think they allow all the new useless arbitrage/dropshipping sellers that are doomed to die, just to raise the cost of PPC.
It’s in a sense almost poetic, if you can look pass the greed that damages the good sellers.

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Shareholder here. For that selfish reason alone I hope they do.

That’s not to say I don’t think they make the best business decisions all the time.

But it’s hard to stop a freight train from moving forward.

And I’m sorry but eBay becoming a used sneaker Mecca isn’t going to be the nail in the coffin.


they are new sneakers, lol, but no Ebay alone wont take Amazon down, however, the law should eventually catch up to some of their practices. I think I read in the UK they started a 900 Mil GBP lawsuit…


I wouldn’t hold my breathe on 2023 being the year. I think shareholders will be lucky if they see the stock bottom out at around $75 this year.

But if Andy can control costs, refocus the company, and weather the next 24 to 36 months…

I see no reason why the stock wouldn’t have a cap of $2T or even $4T in five years.


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