Will this be a problem? Debit in Canada but I'm US only

I have a US account, only ever sell US, only have financials (bank/CC) for US. Like most of us probably.

However, a long-lost FBA unit which was presumably reimbursed - maybe as long as 5 years ago or more - showed up at a Canadian FC. (no I have never sent stuff there or anything). And before I could try to remove it or anything, it was Disposed. Ok fine, would have liked to have removed it, as per my settings, but whatever.

Except…they bloody well charged me for the privilege! and I have a -.37c canadian balance under my transaction/payment balance.

What happens when they try to debit me? Do I have issues a-coming? I really don’t want to have any hoops to jump through for 37c…(28c USD)…But I have been around this circus long enough to foresee them shutting me down until I provide a valid canadian account. lol…

(under canada for my account, US is fine)


We ourselves encountered this same scenario in 2019; it seems that - @ least at that time - the Spokane SC (‘Amazonese’ for “Sorting Center”), and/or the LAS2 & LEX2 RCs (“Returns Center”), were mandated to route FBA Returns, purchased from the US Marketplace by a Canadian member of the Amazon Buyer Community, to one or another Canadian FC.

This occurrence, which happened for us despite having ALWAYS had the Allow Amazon to buy my products to sell globally (link, Seller Central Dashboard) setting disabled, no historical engagement whatsoever with either the Remote Fulfillment with FBA (link, SHC) (aka “NARF” - “North American Remote Fulfillment”) or the FBA Export (link, SHC, Help Hub Revision URL) Programs, nor with the Sell Globally/Amazon Global Selling (link, Dashboard) Program or with its adjunct BIL (‘Amazonese’ for “Build International Listings”) Tool (link, Dashboard), leads me to suspect that there may be legal considerations in play with this phenomenon of which I am unaware for goods which are subject to it - although I do not discount the possibility that it might simply be rooted in a matter of convenience for Amazon.

The Canadian Marketplace has its own set of “Return or Dispose?” settings; the GUI is slightly different that that for the US Marketplace, but as is true for any other of Amazon’s Global Marketplaces which support an Amazon Fulfillment Network infrastructure, there’s a requirement to supply a there-domestic Return Address.

Absent that being present, I suspect that ‘Dispose’ becomes the default choice.

When I first discovered this charge (ours is an even-more piddling amount, 7¢), we debated whether or not to go ahead & fully set-up the Amazon.ca Marketplace so as to pay it - this SoA Account is not a NaMU (“North American Unified”) Account - but decided against it, on the score of not stirring a possibly-unpalatable pot until we were forced to do so.

As I have family (and friends) who are Canadian, should Amazon ever force the issue, we’ll saunter across that bridge when and if we come to it - but more than 4 years on, push has not yet come to shove…(knock on me wee wooden noggin for luck).


We just had this happen as well. Never sent anything to CA FBA, so not sure how it got there. We also haven’t used US FBA in many years, so for this to show up, I was very surprised. I chose to dispose of it because we don’t have an address in CA. Haven’t seen any disposal charges, so guess I will keep an eye out for it.