[WIRED] Amazon’s New Robots Are Rolling Out an Automation Revolution

When you treat employees like there is a limitless supply, yeah there will be a lot of “churn”.

The challenges posed by its human workforce is those at the top have lost their humanity to greed.

Amazon chooses to treat their worker bees like they are disposable instead of how a hive actually does.

There are plenty of companies who treat their people well, but they don’t usually have a ludicrously rich CEO, ridiculously over paid upper management, and Wall Street expectations that are silly.


Once the FC’s are fully automated with just a handful of people working there, I wonder what the excuse will be for fee increases???

I’ve mentioned this before on the NSFE but I have to point out that Puritan’s Pride (part of Nature’s Bounty), fully automated their Pick / Pack nearly 30 years ago. From forming and taping the boxes, to picking entire orders and even putting inserts / packing slips in the boxes, nobody touched it. It was all controlled by some very old tech (AS400).

When I worked there, I used to marvel over that accomplishment. I know that was easier because there was only about 10 different packaging variants but even so. That was the late 90’s.

Picking orders is a mind-numbing, labor intensive horrific job. Hopefully Amazon can really move this forward and not subject human beings to that type of torture.

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But did you read the part about the human with the flashlight and hockey stick, heading into the pitch black robo-infested bowels to retrieve a dropped item? :flushed:


■■■■ happens. :rofl:

I can’t wait for “can not scan, robot divided by zero fee $20,000” adjustments

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I mean look at three mile island.

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Wait, I am totally confused. Bots, ■■■■ from infested bowels?


In more ways than one.


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