[WP] Amazon links One Medical primary care to Prime memberships


I know the health industry is regulated, but how long until Amazon outsources the on demand telehealth services to overseas? Or at least tries.

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I had a telehealth visit with CVS … I’m 99% sure it was somehow outsourced to a doctor overseas. The doctor had a very heavy accent and his name was likely Kenyan or Nigerian. Based on the decor/background in his office… yeah, pretty sure I was talking to a doctor in Africa. Guy still called in a script for me, so it worked out in the end. :laughing:

Fixed that for you

A radiologist in India has been reading your scans and X-rays for about the past 15-20 years in all but the largest US hospitals.

Most liked WP comment so far:

Billionaire who ran many wonderful book stores out of business, sells cheap junk from China, and hired a former Murdoch employee to run his newspaper now wants to offer you health care. What could go wrong?

Link to WP article: https://wapo.st/3SCyoDf

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While I can’t speak for everywhere, I can safely say this is not the case in my neck of the woods. My scans from more than one diagnostic facility are read by real, local, trusted radiologists–most of whom I know IRL. It’s always a bit jarring: “Hey, Jack read my CT!” and then “Heeey there, Jack…” “Heeey papy, all ok? meaningful look:sweat_smile::grimacing:


Mine get read locally also, as far as I know. I once complained to my doc that it seemed as though the JV team seemed to have reported on my scan that was taken on a Friday, she assured me they were good at their jobs.

Read any book about rural hospital issues (I have read many), and they have all outsourced radiology and especially their Emergency Departments to private equity firms.

I don’t actually believe it was outsourced overseas. It would be illegal for a pharmacist to fill overseas prescriptions here. They don’t fill them overseas and send them here, either. The better explanation is that a shortage of primary care physicians caused the US to import a lot of foreign-trained physicians. They still have to pass tests and undergo additional training to practice here, so they are up to par.

Just saw this yesterday amidst a PDP:

It went to this:

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Blackstone Enters Indian Healthcare

Well it looks like its all coming together in this way.

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Connect the dots for me? My braining is still on hiatus this whole week.

Just speculative:

  1. Blackstone manages about $40 B in assets

  2. Any investment at scale is meant to increase a multiple by some measure. This happens in multiple ways: improve systems, expand offerings and thereby increase topline $'s

  3. Think infrastructure in India where sales, marketing and support is outsourced to India.

  4. Now, obviously, they can’t have an MBBS circumvent The American Medical Board but in some significant ways there would be cost-saving/outsourcing measures in line with 1-3 above - it could be simply be getting second opinions on % of cases per year which would essentially cut the hourly spend on a US doctor. I obviously don’t have enough insight to all the steps and processes beyond patient consults, medical charting, medical billing and liability - but I’m sure anywhere along that pipeline there is enough room to outsource.

Hope that clarifies.


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What is this crap?

I guess they don’t trust their warehouse workers to pick and pack the good stuff.

Heck, I don’t trust ME to do it, either! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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