{WSJ] CEOs Are Playing Hardball—to Make Stuffed Animals Softer and Softer

Some interesting sales data

Toy sales are down 8% this year compared with 2022, but plush toys are enjoying a soft landing, up 4% for the year, according to market research firm Circana.

The Ebay forums are full of whining by Star Wars, Star Trek and Hot Wheels sellers about no sales.

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I found this quote interesting…

I was reading the article, just waiting for Squishmallows*! Last year, Santa brought one to ALL of us, and some nights my spooky bat Squishmallow is the exactly right pillow addition for my achy old person back. Right shape, right firmness, right squishyness. And I’m no “kidult.”

My kids all have multiple Squishmallows in their beds, too.

*I don’t sell them, am not affiliated with them, and am not compensated for mentioning them, in any way.

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I am a Jellycat fan. My oldest carried “doggy” with him everywhere for comfort when he was a toddler. We ended up buying a few of the same one for those times when “doggy” went missing under a couch or left at grandmas.

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:thinking: Maybe Santa brings Jellycats this year…

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This appeared on the front page of the WSJ in the area reserved for “soft news”.

I read these because they are interesting, light and do not make smoke come out of my ears.

Sometimes they even have some facts.

I am trying to collect some detail on how this holiday season is going which do not appear to be in a context which is intended to support a preconceived conclusion.

I am seeing decidedly mixed data which can be easily spun.

This is funny. My son was in love with his Ted. I don’t even know what brand or whatever he is. I do know that we still have 3 of them in the closet brand new…

He’s 15 now so doubt he even remembers Ted. :blush:

The things we do for our kiddos.

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Santa brought me Fun-Guy Robbie (1 Jellycat and 1 mini Squishmallow for everyone this year).


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