WSJ Shares Dirty Internet Secret

Although sellers often complain about unjustified bad reviews, this is the reason that most reviews go unread.


When I look at reviews, I look for patterns. Unless I see multiple reviews complaining about the same problem, I don’t put any stock into them. I ignore positive reviews entirely.


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it’s the no-review ratings that get me annoyed. No commentary, just a number. How does that help anyone.

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For most purchases the amount of time spent making the purchase is tiny.

I suspect the number of sales information which Amazon is starting to provide will have greater impact on purchasing decisions than reviews, and will probably have a greater impact on search placement as well.

IMO the no-review ratings are justified by the same argument. Why require something no one reads.

I understand why a great many sellers want to believe their reviews help them make their sales, they provide a belief that quality will help them succeed. But I have come to conclude that quality beyond “good enough” is not important to success in this day and age.

Reviews only matter if the company who is running the website uses them to affect the vendor or products.

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From the WSJ story.

Ratings padding is particularly rampant for services involving personal interactions.

Let’s face it there are NO personal interactions on Amazon implied or allowed.

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Another annoying review is “too expensive” with usually a 3 star review. Huh? Every buyer saw the price at checkout before clicking the submit order. I really don’t understand these people.

I can help understand.

They are not happy, with the purchase and perhaps their lives. And they crave attention which the Internet allows them to obtain by sharing their opinions.

Are there any of us who are immune to those temptations.

Amazon, Lyft, Airbnb–these companies facilitate ratings-creep, put undo emphasis on stars, and then complain about it.


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