[Yahoo Finance] Amazon CEO Andy Jassy’s brutal message to remote workers refusing to come back to the office: ‘It’s probably not going to work out for you’

Sounds about right for Amazon response wise! I mean Amazon or any other workplace, of you’ve been told return to office, it’s the job. Now I have seen some Amazon people hired since 2020 that were hired as “100% remote” are now being told “not any more,” and that I don’t agree with.

I also found this hilarious:

Jessy said the leadership team had decided that it was better for Amazon’s culture and easier to learn from each other and collaborate more effectively when they are in office together.

(From a different article, but same thing: Amazon CEO tells staff ‘it’s probably not going to work out’ unless they visit office three days a week | Amazon | The Guardian)

NO ONE within Amazon talks to each other anyway. It’s all Slack (or the internal version) or email! This is most clearly exhibited via the forum, where mods have NO ABILITY to do anything but escalate cases and hope the right eyes see things. Amazon has outsourced almost everything, so the question is, why have offices? I honestly saw no need for HQ2 even pre-pandemic, and Amazon is seeing this now too


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