Yea! - My first GIANT Tile :(

Anyone see the new tile on seller central " Getting started with your first product listing"
Add a product tool across the whole front

Not seeing that here on our systems. Some have the boxes blocked, but on others they are turned on and nothing like that.

Although, when Amazon Handmade started they only had one way to make a listing. It was with a big banner like that. Could be a fall back, to that concept, a “dumbing down” on how to list a product.

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Yet it clearly isn’t your first product. Nice code Amazon


Not on ours either.


There is no 7 day hide option on it either…fyi

Zoiks. Keep that away from me.

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strange…i don’t have it either…

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I got it yesterday and it is still here today.

This made me chuckle this morning:


“No sales!” “Did you list anything?” “No, but Amazon” :laughing:

LINK for anyone who wants to add an upvote or reply to complain.

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