You Know How Good My SAS Rep Is?

My SAS Rep is so good that she hasn’t been working at Amazon for 3 weeks and I didn’t even notice her departure. I wrote her today and was only then alerted to her non-existence.

That’s how great her communication is.

I have no rep now, but am paying for SAS Core. Quite the service.

Having keenly followed your ongoing travails in this regard ever since your 21Apr23 thread Arbitration for SAS Refund first brooked the light of dawn, I’m now convinced:

It’s time to woof, boy.


That’s timely. One of the brands we used to manage got an email invitation today from SAS Core.

I just wrote the manager to see what gives. who wants to bet he doesn’t respond until friday.


No takers here; ever since the well-missed Shelburne first revealed, ca. 2018, that the SAS Core Managers had been hamstrung by later developments of Amazon’s 3Oct2016 Incentivized Review Policy Revision Initiative, I’ve considered it likely that the SAS Core Issue Assistance Team - despite the deployment of the Escalation Tool - might well fail of its promise.


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A new rep reached out and we have a phone call setup for July 5th to restart on SAS. So the last month I was paying for that lame report that wants me to explain one negative review out of many.

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Are they offering any refund? :unamused:


never mentioned. i’ll ask on call.

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You planning on continuing?

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Have any of you SAS users found a way to handle the negative receipt issue with your SAS rep?

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We will see after tomorrow’s call. Also going to ask if I get a month refunded since I didn’t have an SAS associate.

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Does anyone have anything good to say about SAS Core? It’s my impression that they can’t do much more than what we can do for ourselves.


@ASV_Vites does, but also plenty of things not-so-good.


OK, first off, Happy 4th everyone…

The good about SAS (at least our guy)

  1. Having someone on the inside who was born in the USA who has a brain in his head and connections within Amazon to get things done. Not everything done but things do get done.
  2. Our guy is SUPER RESPONSIVE, 7 days a week.
  3. Offers peace of mind.

The Bad

  1. The same rigid processes must be followed first before things can be escalated through SAS support. When escalations fail (often), you realize how much time you wasted.
  2. If you are a seasoned business person or someone with a fair amount of ecommerce experience, the plethora of data / recommendations you will get on your Bi-Weekly calls will have already been thought of / actioned by you already.
  3. SAS managers are powerless to do anything on their own.

What we have done with SAS that we could not have done on our own:

  1. Brand Name Change
  2. Having ■■■■■■■■ fake negative reviews removed
  3. Working on a variation add now that would have been difficult to do on our own
  4. Had multiple competitor products yanked for ASIN recycling and just plain old misleading / incorrect listings
  5. Successfully won a number of “Shipment Problem” issues.

It’s not a 100% success rate with escalations.

Bottom line - If you know what you are doing and don’t run into a million problems with competitors, selling in a shady category like ours (supplements) - I wouldn’t recommend the program because it’s not cheap.

With that said, if you run limited time deals and other deals with a cost tied to them, SAS will cover one deal a week (the fees). The program will mostly pay for itself for sellers under $2M a year if you run a deal per week.

I really like having this lifeline and I really like our SAS manager. He’s real, will bash Amazon when it’s warranted (even though he works there), and generally understands and respects what we are trying to do on the marketplace. He feels like he’s on our team, not Amazon’s.

Results will Vary. You all can see here what happened to casbboy. We got lucky with who was assigned to our account. If you get someone sub-par - you’re screwed. It’s not impossible but also not easy to get switched out for someone else.

The commitment is 3 months and then 30 days notice to back out of the program so keep all that in mind before you decide to move forward.

Happy 4th (or 5th), depending on when you read this.

Be Well


Nice write up.

My Manager ended up getting fired – so yay for that – but she was gone for a month and I didn’t even know she was no longer working. Sums up my experience.

Tomorrow I hope I’m turning a new leaf or ending my SAS partnership.

The one thing they did do was setup a Parent/Child relationship for me one time, and that cost me about $16,000. Not sure if it was worth it, lol

Other than that, the primary cost is just knowing you are speaking to a person who is incredibly incompetent rather than a bot who is incredibly incompetent.


Had a great call. My new guy seems FAR better than my last rep.

The one bummer, when I asked for services such as PPC advisory/management, he admitted that Amazon had cut jobs and though all should be granted the same privileges when joining SAS, many of the features of SAS are withheld from smaller sellers just on the basis of lack of staffing.

A fact some beginning sellers might want to consider if thinking SAS would propel them forward.


That seems a little like false advertising.


I wasn’t sure to be disappointed in the acknowledgment, or relieved to know I now at least have an honest rep.

I found the honesty refreshing. The dude sounds like he will go to bat when he can, but says Amazon has been limiting the powers of SAS (especially for small/mid sellers) of late.

And, to be fair, I can’t really judge until we get a couple weeks out from Prime Day to see what differences I notice based on rep alone.


Is his name Taylor by any chance??? :thinking:

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