Your account is being auto-enrolled to Automated Handling Time

Never without my permission </5th element>

Dear Seller

Your account has been selected to be auto-enrolled in Automated Handling Time (AHT). This change will occur on February 5th with no action required on your behalf.

Automated Handling Time will set more accurate Handling Times for each of your Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) offers. With this upgrade your offers will have a more accurate delivery date, which is normally shorter and more appealing to buyers, typically resulting in more sales.

*When Automated Handling Time is enabled, your ship-by date will be automatically adjusted for every SKU based on the actual time it has historically taken you to pack and ship confirm orders of that SKU. *
*Worried about your account health? *

For the first 90 days after this change, your Late Shipment Rate (LSR) will not be impacted if you have a late shipment because Automated Handling Time set a faster Handling Time than your original configuration.

Additionally, you now have the ability to set your Order Handling Capacity when AHT is enabled. This feature sets a limit for how many orders you can handle in a day. Once this limit is reached you get an additional day of Handling Time for every subsequent order. Click to learn more

After Automated Handling Time is enabled, if you prefer to manually set your Handling Time per SKU, watch this video to learn how. After you configure your SKU-specific Handling Time, you can disable Automated Handling Time on your Handling Time Settings.

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Please report back where you find this toggle on/off switch and please confirm if it covers all orders with one setting or if it is an item level thing.

We know there is a Order Handling Capacity type setting at item level but that wouldn’t help a store with a large variety of items.


I have it here: Amazon Sign-In


I recently set all my items to 0 day handling time, and use my order limit capacity to keep us safe.

The audacity to give us just 90 days of no LSR. After that, the seller is responsible for Amazon’s poor judgement.

Never without my permission.


I guess I’m safe, since each individual book gets its own SKU, so there is never a history for a SKU.

But I’ve still become less concerned about getting orders out as fast as possible, since Amazon has made it clear that they might punish me for doing so.


That is for setting Default Handle Time …
Wanted to see the promised Order Handling Capacity (order limit capacity) other than the item level setting …


That is placed under Shipping Settings → General Shipping Settings


Actually - clicking edit on that takes you back to the original screenshot - I just didn’t scroll down all the way:


OMG we got this too.

Yes I know we ship early, yes I know it would help sales if customers knew that. NO we do not want you putting your hand in our pants Amazon.

This is the second time in the last year or two they have done this.


Here’s my question…we used to have 2 day handling time, which was nice in case of weather or a missed UPS/mail pickup. They took that away and forced us to 1 day handling back in Fall 2023. I can deal with that.

Is this “automated handling time” going to force us into SAME day shipping on some SKUs, possibly? I have over 1400 SKUs in the store… I’m actually OK with that as long as the shipping cutoff is 8am, as that’s when we print and fulfill all orders for the day. Anything that comes in after that may/may not get filled till the following day.


You still can if you set the handling time at item level. The other theory floating around is to set your Order Handling Capacity to something you can handle easily so that after that number is achieved the orders get pushed out an extra day.


You can set your 0-day handling time cutoff to 1AM.

Here’s the rub…if you offer Premium Ship Options (one day, two day, three day, four day, Expedited Shipping), your earliest cut-off time is now 2pm…

Expedited Cut-off time


OK, well I don’t offer expedited shipping, so I’ll just watch and see if they push us to 0-day, and then I’ll make sure it’s set to 1am. Thank you!

We received the same message :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

So I saw posts today on the NSFE about this, and decided to check my handling time only to discover that the automated handling time had been enabled for us, but we had received NO email notification that this would been happening. In addition to that, it appears that the automated handling time ignores the handling time that you had set at the SKU level, so that won’t protect you.

Thankfully, I shouldn’t have an issue getting these orders out in time. I had the additional day on my handling time to give USPS enough time to scan as accepted in time, so I hope that won’t be an issue. My post office is normally really busy the day after a holiday weekend, so times like this is when I would like to have that additional day.


I got a NEW email about this today, saying I’m being enrolled on the 28th. You can opt out on a new(?) page here: Server Busy

But only after you’ve set your SKU-level time, naturally. I had SKU-level but they wiped them out at some point. I’ll do a bulk upload to fix if needed.


We got hit last Friday, no email but had an order that had to ship same day.

Found the “switch” turned on for automated shipping times. Now most if not all of our products are set at the ASIN level. We may have set this one to one day at some point. It is a popular item that we typically stock. If not on hand we can make it same day as needed.

We just turned it off 25 days ago after the last notice!

However, it is not nice to reach into our pants and pull the switch without asking.

We shipped same day, all is fine.

They sent us a survey, “Why don’t you use automated shipping settings” over the weekend. My response was simple, you need not be involved in our business, we do custom and manufacture on demand. We prefer to exceed expectations to delight the customer rather than disappoint them.

On Sunday we got an order, one hour later the customer canceled. “Two weeks is to long, it will not arrive on time.” We would have shipped the item in our two day handling time or less. It would have arrived in 4 days. Guess Amazon showed us! :person_facepalming:


Just looked at my shipping settings; I see a new line for “Automated handling time”, with it currently set to “Not Active”. I guess if it stays that way, I’m okay, but makes me a bit nervous that it’s there. OTOH, maybe they’re changing to make it optional (as EVERY shipping setting should be). But I’m not betting on that.

I think my strategy of waiting to fulfill a few orders every day (therefore making the customer wait longer than need be) may be protecting me from getting pushed into this mess.

And of course, more threads about it on NSFE; only responses from the mods are about how great this is that they’ve forced this on to people, since it will help them so much (never mind that one poster suddenly has an ODR of 5%).


I just visited my shipping settings, and this was somehow magically activated. I turned it off.

Also going back to some of my listings to check their individual SKU/ASIN handling times, and see a few of those were changed to the default handling time - despite me going through ALL of these a couple of months ago and setting them to, in most cases, 0 days.

It’s nice to know that when I spend a few hours editing settings on my listings, I’ll have to go back later and triple check them for ghost changes.


Yup. This new initiative has prompted me to quit most Saturday shipping which I usually did before, just to lower the big smile’s expectations.