Your FBA Removal Request is Complete

For about the fifth or sixth time since I’ve been doing FBA, I’ve received another seller’s product as part of my automated FBA removal request shipment, products that are in no way similar to mine (I imagine the Amazon employee put one of mine in someone else’s shipment and was trying to balance things out, if even that much thought was involved).

Is there a documented process or an expectation that we return these errant products or is it the old “it all evens out in the end” philosophy?


It is the easiest most reliable reimbursement process in FBA. Just check the box and add the details. Pictures are your friend.

So far in over a decade, the ONLY time we are not reimbursed is when the LPN# is missing, so well over 99% reimbursement.
We take pictures of the item in the box, out of the box, the LPN#, the packing slip and the shipping label.
Use the reports to provide the Shipment ID and the order number from the LPN.


Cool, thanks!