Your listing is temporarily suspended for review.

"I am Akhila from the Merchant Fulfilled Listing Investigations team. I am writing to you with regard to the feedback our team has received for the ASIN : XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, SKU : XXXXX

A buyer stated that the product “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” received was incorrect.

In order to provide the best buying experience to Amazon customers, your listing is temporarily suspended for review.

Please write back with the following checklist which would aid in our investigation and help us reinstate your listing at the earliest:

  • Images of the product in your inventory (with UPC)
  • Manufacturer website showing the product along with UPC (or any other product identifier)
  • Possible reason for the discrepancy
  • Checked the rest of the inventory to ensure that products meet the size/material requirements specified on the Detail page?
  • Plan of Action to avoid similar instances in the future.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for selling with Amazon,

Akhila H.
Fulfillment by Amazon Support"

Apparently, anytime a mistake is made we now have to provide a POA? What the ■■■■ kind of ■■■■■■■■ fuckery is this?

Its not even a great selling item. It is 1000% not worth my time to even fight this, even though the item has 5 star reviews.

We are UPC exempt (that will be a massive headache to begin with).

What do I put for reason for the discrepancy? “We ■■■■■■ up”?


A mistake was made, shocked they jumped on a single mistake.


Yeah, that’s my amazement too. I checked FYI, single mistake out of 7 orders shipped with no issues on the others. Is it good we made a mistake? Of course not, but this seems like a huge overreaction.

Seems highly odd and I am just annoyed knowing this is going to be a PITA.


At least Amazon had the decency to wait for a mistake…



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