Zero out of 38 orders got completed in the last 30 days and seller support said there is nothing wrong.


I have one ASIN that has a strange problem that none of its orders moves pass Pending status. Some of the orders got cancelled after being in Pending status for a while. See the screenshot below (sorry for the long screenshot). I’ve been selling this ASIN for about 5 years. Never had a problem. Before this problem happened, I was out of stock. To replenish the stock, I had a third party warehouse sent one pallet to Amazon. That pallet was shipped a month ago and still has not arrived (that’s another issue that I’m dealing with). Therefore I shipped many SPD through UPS to replenish while waiting for that one pallet to arrive. During the time that this item was out of stock, Amazon somehow didn’t deactivate the listing and the orders kept coming. None got pass Pending status. I thought that once the UPS delivery arrives, all will be fulfilled. I was wrong. The UPS packages arrived a few days ago and the Shipment Summary page shows that 80 of 80 units are available. However still no changes in order status and new orders keep coming.

I contacted seller support for this problem. They said this was working as normal. Their explanation was that until buyers pay, orders will be in Pending status. They closed the ticket quickly. I just reopened it and tried to explain to them that it is not normal that nobody could pay for the last 30 days. Not sure how else to convince them. Any thoughts about this weird phenomenal?

Is someone possibly blocking your inventory buying up stock as it becomes available without intent to buy?

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Actually, for FBA they will stay in “Pending” until the order ships.

So if Amazon saw that inventory was coming in to FBA they likely enabled the purchases. This would keep them pending until the inventory arrived and was able to ship.

Very common …


That could be the case if there were only one or a few buyers. However there are a few dozen buyers. Therefore it doesn’t seem like someone try to block me. These are legit buyers. For somehow, FBA doesn’t ship items out :frowning:

Yes, indeed - the In-Stock Head Start (link, SHC) Program.

Once available on an opt-in basis, in early July of 2020 most all members of our Seller Community had their SoA Accounts automatically enrolled by default - and the available evidence suggests that many of us are not well-aware of our enrollment status, as shown on the latest of the three-known iterations of the
In-Stock Head Start Dashboard (link).

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Thanks for the explanation. So, these buyers paid for the orders but Amazon didn’t have items ready to ship yet. Hence they show Pending. As you could in the screen shot, a handful of orders already got cancelled. I wonder if this is bad for the product ranking (that many orders get cancelled)? Or maybe it’s good for the product because the BSR, Best Seller Rank, improves every time when an order is placed (even though it hasn’t been shipped).

Thanks for the name of the program. Do you know whether the BSR of the product improve when a customer buys the product even though it hasn’t been shipped out?

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Buyers are never charged for an order until it ships.


You are very welcome!

There seems to be some anecdotal information to suggest that such might be the case (some from our own data, some gleaned from posts in the last two iterations of the ASF (“Amazon Seller Forums”) prior to the hot mess NSFE), but by and large I believe that the A9/A10 Algorithm leans strongly towards actually-completed transactions, for anything other than (perhaps) properly-configured 'Pre-Order" Offers upon Amazon Catalog Listing ASINs, in calculating BSR.