1200 units in FC Processing. Would love your help

I did extensive search prior to posting but I still cannot figure out how to handle this issue.
I have called and emailed SC three times. Same response. We will look into it.
Unfortunately, I have sold out of product today and can not access the units.
1200 Units have been in FC since Nov. 2.
How do I know what shipments the units were in so I can contact SC with more detail?
Does this mean if I send new product the units will end up in FC also?
ANY and ALL advise would be very appreciated.
Thank you!


First … Welcome to SAS!

We do not do FBA so we will have to defer you to @Tried_Tested @ASV_Vites or @oneida_books who will come along at some point in the day as they all have experience with FBA issues.


Thank you! I look forward to hearing from them:)

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So your saying all the shipments have been received then went into processing, or were they never marked as received?

Not necessarily. Just guessing here but at some point you had a shipment of 1200 units, and they never got checked in correctly.

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All my shipments since November 2nd have been received and closed?
Is there a way to find out what shipments those units are in?

Thank you

Once they are received and closed, no I don’t think they are associated with a shipment anymore, but I will let others that are a little more versed in FBA answer more authoritatively there. I only dabble in FBA so I am by far not a complete expert!

BTW, Welcome to SAS!

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Thank you!

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I refuse to do FBA but this sounds like a perfect example of why many sellers that do use FBA also keep at least some inventory available to ship by FBM.

With FBA your items can be ‘out of stock’ and show really delayed shipping while AMAZON plays around with whatever warehouse they want them in.

And, frankly, given an increasing number of buyers that actually prefer to NOT buy from Amazon you just might catch some additional sales with FBM availability. Virtually every item I sell I am in direct competition with Amazon AND I am higher priced as well.

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Great advise.
I will create a FBM listing after Christmas.


This issue is not abnormal this time of year which is why there are numerous postings and emails about having inventory in for the Holdiays by mid October. There have also been messages like this for nearly a year now due to the waves of inventory coming in post covid.


They should change this to “will receive on time but wont transfer for over a month”.

This inventory was from early November too. Luckily we have been doing this a while and sent one from the East and one from the West.

I assert most Amazon shoppers are too stupid to know there is a difference. Most of the non Amazon savvy people I come across think they are buying stuff from Amazon when buying on Amazon. Not all, but most.

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You can go to your inventory ledger

And search by FNSKU under detailed view and see what inventory is in transfer.

See all of our in transfer stuff is from a West Coast FC.


I wonder if anyone has tried to put an Apple Air Tag into their shipment to try and keep tabs as to where it is. If the total shipment value above $1,000 - it might be a semi-economical tool for some peace of mind.


I think someone tried this a while back (before airtags) on the OSFE, and Amazon sent them a NASTY letter.

I think


VTR, thank you so much.
Lots of information I will try to digest. I am embarrassed to say that I have never run an inventory ledger before.
Also, I was incorrect about 1200 units in FC Process. Closer to 900.
This is what it states under
Reserved Inventory: 1264. this number has been around the same for a month also
FC PROCESSING. 937 this number has not changed in over a month except by 10 units the most

I did make sure this year I sent plenty of inventory in October but not enough I guess.
Its time to revisit Seller University.

To be clear, if I see inventory under Whse Transfers, does that mean some of the units are still in transfer.

Thank you for your patience.


Most of the time I see a large # of units stuck in FC Processing for a long period of time it’s related to an infringement complaint or inauthentic complaint or some other issue that caused FBA to intentionally hold that inventory.

Could this possibly apply here? Any performance notifications or email mentioning that ASIN/FNSKU?

First of all, welcome to SAS. Glad to have you here.

What you are seeing is that while the units are still in “FC Processing”, they may be available for sale to the public. Have you checked the PDP (Product Detail Page) to see if your offer shows? If so, when is the expected date of delivery?

I have had this happen many times. For some reason, a specific shipment will seemingly take forever to be processed while other shipments after that are checked in quite rapidly. From what I’ve observed, when there is a high amount of inbound freight to Amazon and they are backed up, they tend to focus on shipments with high-moving products first. It could also be that a particular FC is extremely backed up while other FC are able to keep up quite well.

Create a new shipment of product to be sent in and see where it will have you ship to. If the destination FC is other than where your current product, it could be an indicator that the FC where your product currently is has issues (too many shipments, too few workers, etc.).

Just a couple thoughts.

If you have the sales volume to support sending more units in, this could be an option if it goes to a different FC for receiving and processing.


Welcome to SellersAskSellers @TMac! Great questions about the FBA intake process. I hope you have some answers for investigating further or some peace of mind. Special thanks to @VTR @GGX and @Uncle_Leroy for sharing their experience and tips.

I did move your topic to Shipping to Amazon.

@VTR gave you a short how-to here, and you can find some more info here.

GGX, thank you.
No, I have been very lucky so far. No notifications or complaints.

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[quote=“Uncle_Leroy, post:17, topic:2962”]
Thank you, Uncle Leroy,
You write:

Create a new shipment of product to be sent in and see where it will have you ship to. If the destination FC is other than where your current product, it could be an indicator that the FC where your product currently is has issues (too many shipments, too few workers, etc.).

How do I find out what FC the product is in? Is that available on the Inventory Ledger Report?

I will ship a case of 24 units tomorrow to see where they land.

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