2 step log in not working at 1 of 3 locations

So we log in from three different IP locations to Amazon - Using exact same cred’s for each.
One was able to change the password thinking that might resolve issue at one location’s inablilty to log in. Even inside of a VPN one of the locations is not able to log in but the others ARE able. Any ideas as to what may have caused 1 location to not be able to get past the Two-Step Verification
Choose where to receive the One Time Password (OTP)
Text me at my number ending in XXX
It will NOT send and keeps looping without sending OTP to phone

If we send in the photo ID will that likely stop the other 2 from getting in while they ‘review’ the ID

I’m a bit confused. You think this is a Seller verification issue, and not a technical glitch?

I have a user at a remote location going in a bit later to see if they can get to the OTP page and make sure the phone numbers are correct - I’ll have them clear the OTP but fear of not getting back in for a few days and with buyers not getting replies it will sink our stats for replies under 24hrs - and of course SellerSupport would be useless… Will update after other location logs in when they get there tonight. Every day is a struggle with this platform…

Is anyone else seeing this in their accounts?

Ok - here is the fix that we figured out - DO NOT USE FIREFOX ANYMORE WITH THEIR PLATFORM LOL!!! Chrome had no issues - blood pressure coming down just in time for hot shower and a nap

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Wonderful! And well-deserved.
Add whiskey or wine, maybe? :wine_glass::tumbler_glass:

A more reliable way to do 2FA is with a code generator such as Google Authenticator and its various knock-offs. One can have it run on multiple phones, and even on a PC, and copy the “seed” between them to allow multiple devices to have a correct code.

Then, you are not relying on a text message that might not get through, and you are far more secure, as nothing is transmitted, so no sim-swap will usurp your 2FA login.

We use FireFox everyday and have for years with no problems.

Have you kept FireFox up to date?
Have you checked FireFox settings? … Pop Ups okayed for Amazon?

FireFox and Chrome have been doing weekly updates for some time now. Both tend to be automatic unless you have made changes in the settings and often require a browser restart.

We have seen Amazon become sluggish on both browsers when there an update is in pending status.

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