2023 FBA Accuracy (Inbound) - Just Sayin.....

Just wrapping up my tax files for 2023. Last piece was the write offs for FBA losses on inbounds.

Shipped - 123,228 units in 2023
Accounted for - 123,158
Difference - Loss of 70 units
FBA Accuracy - 99.943%

Barely worth the time to reconcile this for the accountant. But money is money…

For the record - I don’t like Amazon but not sure there are too many 3PL’s that are this spot on. This number is consistent and actually slightly better than years past.


Can you also detail which reports you used to reconcile the above?

All I am doing is pulling up the shipments, sorting anything out that wasn’t 2023, and comparing units expected to units received. When you export it, it creates a nice little table to look at / work with.

Of course, you then have to go into each shipment to see what listings are in it that were short received and apply the cost to it but we don’t have that many listings.

BTW - I am discounting anything that was over-received… Who the hell knows how that happens but it does happen. It’s possible that our folks made a mistake but we only ship in full cases and the overage is never near a full case…


That’s a very good accuracy rate. Thanks for sharing.


I would say FBA’s accuracy is higher than that, as some of the error is likely manufacturer error. While rare, manufacturer case packs can sometimes be missing unit(s). At that volume it’s not unlikely that there were some manufacturer errors in there. There’s also human error on the manufacturer side.

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I’ve still not seen a single one of the 1500 units Amazon lost on FC transfer after scanning, counting, and confirming receipt at initial FCs, and each and every unit one was a fight to get reimbursed for.

So, while they do fine on INITIAL inbound, they blame their INTERNAL losses on the seller, as if the lost items were never received at all.