24 hours only! [POLL] Vote for emoji reactions

Hello SellersAskSellers! We’ve had some recent requests to add back “hugs” and add “SMH” to our emoji reaction menu.

  • HUGS: There are 2 hug reactions. We removed the smiley hug :hugs: because it’s not always appropriate (see below) but can add it or people hug :people_hugging: .
  • SMH: The closest available is grimace :grimacing: (which we have) and facepalm, which has 3 options: man, woman, and person. We would only consider person :person_facepalming: (see below).

THE PROBLEM: We want to keep our options to SEVEN TOTAL, and we have to have the heart as the default reaction :heart:.

POLL: Please vote for SIX non-:heart: reaction options from the list below.

  • :+1: +1
  • :laughing: laughing
  • :open_mouth: open mouth (wow)
  • :cry: cry
  • :angry: angry
  • :thinking: thinking
  • :grimacing: grimacing (yikes)
  • :hugs: hugs
  • :people_hugging: people hugging
  • :person_facepalming: person facepalming (SMH)
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:sweat_smile: Seriously, staff can’t even see results right now.

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What, no bald person facepalm?


A least it is the appropriate shirt color, so it gets my vote.

People hugging gives off “Netflix and Chill” vibes… you’ll never be able to not see it now. :crazy_face:


Dang, now I see people making out instead of hugging.

oops, I un-voted and now I can’t vote again.

I am not a social media person and am fine without it(except here) so had never seen the person facepalming(which I voted for) or people hugging(which I didn’t). Thank you, papy, for adding the large-scale graphics and explanations of each!!

The two latter, unenlarged, emojis were indistinguishable to me. Had to put my nose up to my monitor to decipher the “people hugging”, which to me resembled a muti-colored rock or a blue version of the…uh…how can I put this delicately, “manure” emoji which to a person w/ incipient cataracts appears as an unwrapped Hersey’s kiss!!


Since we are (Mostly) an Amazon forum, I think this is the most appropriate (but rarely used), when commenting on anything regarding Amazons frequent “delightful” announcements.


I voted even though Firefox still won’t let me use any but the heart :grimacing:

@primetime thank you for being a part of the SAS community. Thank you for not blaming SAS for the reaction issue and for being so cooperative, helpful, and understanding as @Pepper_Thine_Angus tried to troubleshoot this for you. And thank you for adding your thoughtful input about the community–even something as silly and seemingly small as emoji reactions–even when you can’t directly benefit.

You are nothing but a class act professional.

It’s been quite a day on SAS for many reasons, and I want to be sure that you know that you are noticed and appreciated. :pray:


Well thank you! I have never not felt noticed and appreciated here - especially by you. I fully realize this reactive emoji glitch is my Firefox problem and there’s probably a solvable reason but it’s not important enough to justify the research time. It only bothers me when I don’t love something but to react I have only the heart = love.
So to any SAS’ers reading this, know that my hearts can have many hidden meanings :smile:


I am using the latest FF on Windows 10 and can select any of the emojis;


I am quite comfortable with the heart, so will abstain from voting for fear that it might separate someone from their emotional surport emoji.


The heart can not be removed, and is not part of this vote


That ruins Mola Ram’s day.

There is an issue with FF and a handful of users, I have been working with Discourse and we have yet to find the exact source of the issue. I am a FF user and it does not effect me. I have even gone as far as making a new username for one of the users having the issue to see if it’s a Discourse user issue, nope.


I was able to re-vote just now. Thanks.

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The only way to resolve FF, is to get the OS, and FF version numbers from those who have this issue.

If the same OS and FF version works for some and not for others, then it most likely it has to do with an installed extension in FF, or less likely an application.


Trust me, I went down that road with one user!

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This is probably the issue. I didn’t mean to hijack the poll thread and I appreciate all the effort that has been taken to try to solve it. It’s not important enough on the priority list to spend any more time and effort on.


Can we include some black/brown hair? The gingers are perturbing :slight_smile: