A new pathetic low for Amazon offers...

This made me laugh. You still get charged the full amount, just like 1 or 2 days later than usual.

This has to be a joke but it’s not.


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With Vine, do you pay per review?

Remember that some brands don’t get any Vine reviews, even after fully enrolling. No reviewers want their products. This is meant to appeal to those Sellers. They get “up to” 2 “free” Vines, being required to fully enroll at the 3rd. No guarantee of any reviews at all. Amazon will “feature” these products to Viners to get the Seller locked.

If your products actually get organic Vine reviews in the new system, then this isn’t meant for you.


Nope - it’s $200 for up to 30. Actually a great deal. We use it all the time when we launch new items and it works great.

I just did 40 Bazaarvoice reviews for Walmart. Cost us $1750, all in. You have to ship to the reviewers which is weird (privacy).

About $120 of that $1750 was the cost of the actual products…

It’s expensive and the jury is still out on whether or not it’s worth it. Our reviews moved over to Walmart on Friday and the bump is minimal so far but it’s early.

Certainly will pay for itself in time but I would like an immediate return on that investment. :rofl:

Good point / thinking…


Amazon will probably work to get products those first 3 reviews and then…just continue to take Sellers’ money.

Maybe I’m failing to see the issue. They’re upselling and incentivizing vine which is what they do for every amazon service out there regardless of the laws of physics but that’s the game. It is the individual choice to find utility or not.

Or am I missing something?

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It sounds like the first 2 reviews are free, and then you pay $200 for up to 30 after the first 2. However, I’m just guessing, I don’t actually know.

The way the program works is you enroll a product and choose how many units you want to give away for a review. It can be up to 30 or as little as 1.

So now that I am thinking about it a little more clearly, perhaps you can enroll a product with 2 units and get the reviews for free and move on.

Not sure.

My rant of a thread was created because periodically Amazon used to wave the fee entirely for a couple months at a time. This is so scaled back in terms of promo, it’s, well, annoying… lol

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Again, I suspect that it’s not meant for you, though that’s little comfort as you await a better promo that might never come.

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So I saw this today, and messaged my team to investigate. It sounded too good to be true.

My translation was;

You are allowed to enroll up to two items of one ASIN everyday, between today (June 5th) and July 25th. At no charge, at all.

If you enroll three per day, and you get a review you will get a $200 bill.

So, my thought is enroll two items of one ASIN each day, that are recent launches and we will not be charged.

The conversation shows it is not working, and I can confirm that. When trying to add an ASIN with two items, I am told I will be charged $200.

So I do not understand what they are saying, or they are unable to communicate accurately what they are saying.

ETA, we so need a “Confused” emoji I have read through the posts here and it just “don’t” add up. Same with the small convo on this at the NSFE. Nobody understands it.

It’s up to 2 free reviews. Once you get your third review you pay the $200.

To be clear, it’s $200 for up to 30 reviews. There are no other fees other than the standard FBA fees and probably the full boat commission If I know Amazon…

Even so, it’s reasonable and effective for launching a new item. It would really suck if Amazon ever did away with this program. I doubt they will. It’s been blessed by the Govt unlike the early reviewer program which got yanked.

Vine used to be A LOT more expensive, like 10X as much as it is now.

So my hats off to Amazon for making it affordable. Something tells me that someone at Amazon did some math and discovered they would make a lot more money at $200 vs. $2000 based purely on volume.

There’s a limit on how many vine enrollments you can have at any one time. I believe it’s 10 ASIN’S but I could be wrong.


We were also a beta site for this, and yes, it was very valuable.

Yes I agree, and I have much knowledge of the Vine Program… (silence) However, I still think, based on the announcement that we could do the 2 free items per day of one ASIN.

Though since I can not ask on the NSFE since I can not onboard, I will never know since I can not put in a request to the Amazonian’s with my case number.

:angry: :rage:

Vine is a process.

Must be FBA
Need to enroll and decide how many you want to give away for a review.
Can take sometimes a month before your item gets on the list to be picked by reviewers. Sometimes it’s much faster.
Then the reviews come in 7-10 days after the person receives it.
You can only enroll 10 ASIN’s at any one time until one completes opening up another.
If you don’t have anything enrolled in vine right now, you can enroll 10 ASIN’s with 2 units each for free.
There are restrictions on how old the ASIN is and how many existing reviews it has. Either can make the listing ineligible for Vine.

Typical Amazon red tape and hoops to jump through but…

If you don’t have anything enrolled in vine right now, you can enroll 10 ASIN’s with 2 units each for free.

So Cooper responded on the NSFE thread. I only read it in incognito since I will not onboard. Though what he said clears it up, it still feels fishy since it does clearly say you will be charged $200.

Although sellers will continue to see a $200 enrollment fee on the Vine confirmation screen, no fee will be charged when the enrolled units are less than 3 per parent-ASIN enrollment at the time of billing.

Hope that helps clarify your questions. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with. Thank you for checking in with us on the Seller Forums and for choosing to sell on Amazon. Have wonderful rest of the week. ~ Cooper_Amazon

Ok, so they are sending major mixed messages on this “two for free on ASIN” program.

This is what it indicates at the top of the page.

Limited Time Offer

Submit up to two units per ASIN enrollment for free from now through July 21, 2023.

This is what you have to click when you sign up.

Confirm enrollment

Confirm product enrollment into Vine? Note, the $200.00 enrollment fee will be billed after the first Vine review is created. All standard Amazon fees - such as referral and FBA fees - will apply to any Vine Orders.

By enrolling products into Vine I agree to theBy enrolling products into Vine I agree to the

terms and conditions

Now the first thing I targeted is some aging inventory. Why not our COGS is dollars on a twenty or 30 dollar product. I don’t care if I get it back. Looks like a way to get a possible good review (or bad) and increase our IPI at the same time.

Note: I have detailed information on the Vine Program, if you like reach out to me privately.

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It’s pretty amazing that Amazon can’t get their “stuff” together when it comes to program descriptions.

Here’s another example…

Amazon opened up the save “X” % off on your first subscribe and save order to all sellers now. Used to be reserved for 1P listings and controlled by Amazon.

If you run this offer, and you read the disclaimer, it still says eligible for offers offered by Amazon (sold by / shipped by). That’s not true.

It’s really shocking that when Amazon makes a change or opens up an offer that they don’t talk to all the interested parties to ensure things make sense.

Great example of the same :arrow_heading_up:

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