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I’m sure it’s just an innocent typo, but can you please correct “then” to “than”?


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I guess when you reply to a “system”-generated post, no one sees it?

I don’t know about “no one,” but I personally had not seen it. Typo fixed, and thanks for the heads up on the other thread!

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I would like to request a slightly longer edit option; wanted to see how others felt about it.

Hi @Medic! Currently new members have 5 minutes to edit, and others have 15 minutes. Tell us more about what you are thinking.


Is there a reason why it is so short? IMO 24 hours would be good; that’s what it is on the NSFE.

As mentioned by Roxy; I will sometimes see a typo or something I would like to correct a few hours later or the next day.

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Is there a reason why it is so short? IMO 24 hours would be good; that’s what it is on the NSFE.

@papy, is there a reason there has to be a limit at all? Why not just let us edit indefinitely? Is there any reason not to?

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There are good reasons to have limits.

We are considering some minor increases, but they’re unlikely to be as long as some of us might like. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I would be happy with just 30 minutes. There have been multiple times I’ve posted and then wanted to add additional info or make an edit to an image/screenshot and then I just miss the 15 min cutoff (it happened again yesterday right in the middle of editing the post)… :weary:

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Crusty old codgers who’ve reached their dotage (like me) aren’t as fast on their feet, nowadaze, as we once were.

Tempus fugit

We have not forgotten you!


@Medic @Roxy

The SAS staff considered extending the 15-minute edit window but have decided against doing so at this time.

Hopefully some recent happenings have shed some light on the need for a time limit.

SAS members still have some options:

  1. At any time, any member can :triangular_flag_on_post: their own post and request that mods make an edit, whether for a typo or dead link, or to add/correct information.
  2. Members can also copy a post, delete that original post, and then paste their corrected post.
  3. You can also simply reply to yourself with the correction or addition. (Yes, we know that’s clumsy.)

We’re not saying no forever, just for now.

Thank you for asking, and for understanding! :pray:

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