Add "Pain Relief" to the list of prohibited phrases

So we received a “Restricted Policy Violation” for a sunburn gel.

The listing is still active (never taken down) so support says…

Disease Claims = ’ Pain Relief ’
You have contributed the claims present under the Bullet Points and Product Description which must be removed to avoid any violation or restrictions.
Once you have the claims removed there will be no violation.

So even though we are NOT contributing anything to the detail page, it appears just having “Provides temporary pain relief from sunburns” in our suggested bullet points causes us to be dropped from eligible sellers?

I find this very odd that they say “contributed” like it’s in the past.
The bullet points are not ours and the description is not ours but still the violation.

so I just removed “PAIN” from the phrase - lets see what happens.

I feel bad for the ICY HOT sellers :wink:


Of course. At any point Amazon may choose to use those contributions. It’s just like having a listing still in inventory with no stock.


treat or cure human…

Not disease exactly but definitely (IMHO, but tagging @ASV_Vites who actually knows), regulated drug claims. And the FDA is starting to not ignore this stuff (as a power grab, or just caring about law and doing their job remains to be seen).

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Makes sense but since Amazon itself is on the listing we will probably never have any page control. We’ve been on the listing since 2015 but now “pain relief” is a problem.

it’s such a common phrase.
Cold packs, creams, asprin, mosquito stuff, etc, etc it’s a long list that use this.

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we always have issues when attempting to make any changes to listings.
Many items we just abandoned here and sell elsewhere.
Bots gone wild is an understatement.

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We changed it to “Provides temporary relief from sunburns” .

Aloe Gel for we all know it helps sunburns it’s just silly.


If you had to be more specific, you could say “temporary relief from sunburn itch and irritation”.

And as someone who is heat-/sun-sensitive–and can get sunburned through clothing in a car on a cloudy day–I can 100% vouch for aloe gel + ibuprofen as the best sunburn remedy.

You could even use the Frank’s hot sauce slogan… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They don’t like pain relief, that’s true - our reasoning is that it’s just too vague and doesn’t tell the consumer how to properly use the product.

For a sunburn gel, I’d say “directed topical use for the relief of skin symptoms associated with mild sunburn, including itchiness, dry skin, rash, pain and irritation.”

That includes your pain relief terminology so to speak, but is specific to the condition for which your item applies.

Assuming that it’s aloe gel, all of the above are FDA-approved uses of the medication.


Not familiar with Sunblock / Sunburn pain stuff. If the product has an NDC # on it, then the claim may be a valid one. On Amazon, things get lumped together and then struck with a sledge hammer.

Icy Hot is allowed to make the claims they make but Amazon may decide differently. Those listings won’t get taken down though because…:


Standard response to the ever increasing dubious health claims is always a crack down on more common and valid claims.

Sometimes its best to realize that deciding to sell on Amazon is akin to self-flagellation


We don’t sell OTC’s so not sure if adding the NDC / validating it is a part of those listings. It should be. Easy way to separate fact from fiction and avoiding false takedowns.


It’s funny because the listing was active - just we were not being shown as a seller but Amazon was.

Now the listing is a dog page.
Even though we fixed our issue but Amazon still took themselves down.

I’m sure it will be back up soon once they realize they are sitting on inventory.

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What if you use a trick used by email spammers and insert other characters such as:

P * A * I * N * * R * E * L * I * E * F



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That’s a horrible poll. Whoever came up with it should be dragged onto the street and terminated (from Amazon’s employ. What were you thinking?)

Some stuff needs to be deactivated, like the cigar shaped infant pacifiers, soap on a rope, and N!ke Err Jordan’z shoes.

What Amazon deactivations (and probably new listings) lack is a bit of the human touch. Like an actual real native born and raised human with adequate legal knowledge of the category approving, rejecting, or sending back for editing.


I read an article on source which would be deemed political.

It dealt with how various large corporations are finding themselves pressured by some of their employees to adopt certain political stances for the corporation.

It proposed that this was not ideological pressure, but pressure from ambitious middle managers who saw this as a way to gain more power, employees and higher stature.

I find myself judging many companies I deal with on how they deal with their middle managers, and the quality of those managers,

Be it the surveys or the bots it is clear the problem at Amazon is not just at the top. They have built a management structure based on ignorance and lack of any shame for their ignorance.


What, a real human?? But they are so consumptive and needy, expecting bathroom breaks, time off for food and drink replenishment, downtime hours to regenerate (sleep).

The gain in intelligence, reasoning and common sense just isn’t worth the tradeoffs. Says the A I infatuated leadership.

How long until they figure out that lack of these attributes actually costs them, and all of us, more.

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Look, when AI is in the cab of a Union Pacific Locomotive and the Alien Cathouse

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-not I.

I don’t agree it should be in a UP Locomotive cab, any more than any other vehicle. The implementation and benefit in a cathouse? I cannot comment, publicly.


A friend has purchased one of Ford’s Mustang Mach E EVs.

There have been 20 software updates so far which are attempting to fix a problem which could have the engine cut out due to a software glitch. Still not fixed.

Many know of the Tesla software glitches.

They cannot get the electronic plumbing right, why would we expect AI to get things righy.

The GM EVs are way behind in shipping because of software.