Adding a new design today

It’s been a while, so this is gonna be interesting.

I just downloaded the spreadsheet to add a new design to the marketplace.

Then I pulled up one of my old spreadsheets to see what I put in the different columns.

This new spreadsheet goes out to Column KB – most columns don’t even apply to placemats…batteries? so cross your fingers for me I remember how to do this. I always do one line and then go ahead and do all the sizes.

One day I will venture into the parent child thing.

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Goodluck. Unfortunately, I can almost guarantee you will need to edit/upload it at least 5 times before amazing is happy.

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now it says brand name approval – which I guess is GOOD…but I am the friggin’ brand.

Let me think

The column I need when looking at old spreadsheets is no longer in the new spreadsheet.

So I did figure out how to log into brand registry and open a case. (I think).



May I ask, why would you use the spreadsheet file upload system for only 1 new product?

Is there a benefit going through all the excel cells?

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I’m available for help/advice any time. I’ve done hundreds of uploads for variations.


Very kind of you, Iris helped us to get onboarded to Walmart, could not have done it without her help.

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I do one as a test because I don’t do this very often.

Then when 1 works, I know I’ve chosen the right columns and filled them in properly.

Normally one design comes in about 13 sizes…so now I’m working on the rest of the items.

I think I figured out the sheet again.

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I will remember that.

I’ve been real hesitant to go that way…but I think I must.

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One day I will venture into the parent child thing.

I do all my variations manually, if you ever decide to try it that way. :slight_smile:

I don’t know why I’m so resistant to the spreadsheets. Maybe it’s because they look so daunting when you first open them, with their multi-colored sheets, and multiple worksheets. I found them very confusing, and it doesn’t get better when someone tries to explain them to me.

Or maybe it’s that I don’t trust Amazon to do what I tell it. If I say “X”, I wouldn’t put it past them to change the value to “Y” during the upload process. :wink:

Whatever the reason, creating variations manually makes more sense to me, so that’s the way I’ve always done it. :woman_shrugging:


know anything about Walmart?

Cause that sheet didn’t work tonight.

I’ll try Amazon tomorrow. Tired of looking at all those columns…

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Sorry but I don’t.

Do they not have any sort of explanation, like Amazon does, for the file upload? Something like I describe here: Parent SKU in Variations Over-Written - #17 by oneida_books?

I did get an answer to my case and they gave me 10 things to do but that didn’t work. So I uploaded the spreadsheet as an attachment to the case along with the screen shots of the error messages and MAYBE then I’ll get a good answer. Well, that was Walmart.

AMAZON is confused because I didn’t provide the key attribute to connect back to my brand and I’m saying “Hey, that column is no longer in your spreadsheet” – which was my first guess on this mess.

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Here’s a good one found on Amazon on the Product Compliance Page

I haven’t even successfully listed them on Walmart yet – that feed is happening now for these items.

Well…their answer pointed out a mistake I made.

Yep…I keep it simple and copied and pasted what I had for the description in the Walmart spreadsheet over to the Amazon spreadsheet and DUMMY ME FORGOT to take out the word Walmart and switch it back to Amazon.

See – I encourage folks in the description to send me a message IF they want a custom size through the Amazon messaging system (or the Walmart messaging system) and then I’ll create a listing just for them.

Over on Walmart – I caught that in the description I had left the word Amazon…so I went through and made sure I said Walmart on the Walmart spreadsheet.

But I forgot to edit it back to Amazon when I clip, copied, and pasted it back to the Amazon spreadsheet. So my BRAND issue on Amazon is blamed on this. Fine, I fixed it through find and replace, uploaded and now that issue is gone…BUT I can’t update and make a quantity available to sell.

Gotta wait again for 24 hours for it to update.


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Is that permitted? I know handmade is different rules…

it’s allowed. Unfortunately, many people have their Amazon messages turned off so when we reply, they don’t see our answer.

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When I first started – no handmade – I even included more thinking I was leaning forward etc… My name, email, phone…and Amazon flagged the listings and told me to take out that stuff. But they have never flagged me to saying custom items are available, message me through Amazon.

Not that I’d say 100% for a fact it’s ok…but since I’m talking through Amazon and the listing is created on Amazon, Amazon is not losing a sale or dollars… Never in a message will I give email address. And now FF 20 years, AMAZON posts my name and phone number whether I like it or not.