Adjusting cut-off times for handling

We’ve been offering 1-day handling on ebay as our norm. Typically, it’s worked fine. Orders that come in after dinner or so get packed the next morning, and picked up by the carrier.
But recently, we’ve had subs on the mail route; some of whom pick up very early, before we can get all the orders processed.

I know that on Amazon, we can set a cut-off time; is the same possible on eBay? The only reference I see is when it is for Same Day handling; but it would be nice if an order coming in at 11:00 on Thursday didn’t have to be shipped out on Friday.

I am not sure about editing the cut-off for 1-day handling.
But eBay does allow for adjusting the cut-off time for same day dispatch.

eBay Shipping Preferences [link]

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@Picks_by_Nisha did you find a setting to accomplish this?

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Didn’t find anything. I don’t think eBay offers that option on anything other than same-day.