Affiliate program question

Is there a way to see if any of our sales are via the Affiliate Program? And if so to see where they are coming from?

I have a person who sent us what they claim to be their conversion amounts, but I’d like to verify if their numbers are correct. Mainly to see if I can figure out where the traffic is actually coming from.

Thanks in advance!


Are we talking about Amazon or your website.

It would be from someone else’s website that leads to our products on Amazon. If that is what you’re asking. Sorry, my brain is goo this time of day, lol.

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Yeah makes sense. I do not believe there is anyways for you to personally view where the traffic is coming from.

Also, I am curious why they sent it to you in the first place.

Most likely a “10 best” list, or something shady.

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To my knowledge, there is not. Amazon doesn’t let us examine traffic.

Although it’s in no way completely reliable, they could send you a screenshot from their Affiliate dashboard.

Are they wanting you to compensate them, on top of their Amazon commission?

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Yeah or something else weird. I have never heard of an amazon affiliate doing this.

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Whatever the pretext for contacting you, a shakedown is likely to follow.

I find social media influencers, to be a lower life form than Pakistani drop shippers so I recommend you maintain appropriate social distancing, and disinfect after any contact.


Thanks folks, I figured as much, but the top guy sent it my way. Y’all know how that goes.

That said, the top guy ain’t one to willingly part with money.


Have you tried, Associates Central

That would be my first try.

Now that was good.

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