Amazon Accelerate 2024

Registration just opened for Amazon Accelerate 2024:

Are any of y’all planning on going? I have zero interest in the presentations themselves, but do have an interest in the Seller Café sessions. I have several issues that I’ve tried to get resolved for months (in some cases, almost a year), such as pending removal orders, stuck inventory in FC processing, unresolved false inbound problems, a couple of large FBA shipment discrepancies not reimbursed, etc., and am thinking the Seller Café sessions might help resolving those. I went to the then called “Boost with FBA” event in NOLA back in 2018, and the one-on-one session was particulartly helpful to resolve problems that had been stuck for a long time.


This effing thing has frozen my seller App. Can’t get the registration off the screen and can’t access anything from my phone. I think I remember this happening last year too. Thanks Amazon. Not attending your POS event.


Just to add a little color to this so yall can enjoy my various plights.

I use a very old iPhone 4 on Wifi for one of my Amazon accounts. The screen literally isn’t big enough to dismiss the stupid advertisement for the event.

Had the bright idea to sign off on my bigger, albeit pretty old regular phone (6) and sign into the other account that’s on the really old phone to dismiss the ad in the hopes that it would be dismissed for the account. Didn’t work. :man_facepalming:

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There’s been another report of the same over in the NSFE’s News Amazon discussion for the News Headline:

To be fair, Amazon typically focuses coding efforts of the latest & greatest updates of both devices and operating systems alike, so that paradigm probably goes far to explain what you and (perhaps?) that poster are experiencing.


I’ve been living with the following big red banner on top of the screen for over a year:

“Your operating system is no longer supported. Please upgrade your device to the latest operating system”

The problem - Apple is no longer supporting the 4 - LOL. So I can’t update it.

Sort of playing a game to see how long I can keep these phones going at this point.

Hopefully at some point Amazon stops pushing the Accelerate Ad. If not, oh well. I barely look at that Amazon account anymore. Trying to shut it down but it’s taking longer than expected to sell the remaining inventory and I know it will sell so don’t want to not make every penny I can on it before we close the business / account.

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