Amazon and Pirate Ship and Walmart

Can Pirate Ship be connected to Amazon?

And Walmart?

I wanna do packing slips only on Pirate Ship for Amazon…

But both for Walmart

I don’t see them in settings for integrations.

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That’s what I saw too

What about Easy Ship?

I haven’t opened an account and looked.

Was looking for an alternative to ShipStation…after their additional fees.

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Just an update for future reference.

I did open a free account for 30 days with ShippingEasy.

This morning I stumbled and fumbled through it to print out all the shipping labels.

Over at ShipStation I opened a case to ask if I could remove that new additional fee. They did answer and provided a video on how to do that and it’s been removed.

THEN I went back and asked IF I could be refunded for the past two month’s of fees since I never ever used it. I had FedEx enabled – and I never even use FedEx. Now UPS…I’d have to say maybe? But I’d lean towards never on ShipStation, and only by accident on Amazon…usually, I void that label and buy at ShipStation for Amazon, but not lately at all.

So that ask is still open in a new case.

We shall see.

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I am thinking, since I never checked this.

I thought if you used your own service instead of ShipStation, you got the penalty. Not if you “have the ability to use your own shipping relationships” you get the penalty.

And it would appear if you are right, you get charged without “signing up” or using the shipping vendor, something is fishy in the market.

Now I have to take time out and look at this.

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Mine is blank or has nothing now, but this is where I found FedEx.

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De-Activate here.

Looks like I did it just in time before the new month starts for me (25th).

Then I went back and asked for a refund.

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Shipstation has “Built in Carriers”, that your picture shows. (UPS, USPS are main big boys)

Shipstation does have an api to Fedex, but it is not “Built in”

Prior to June of this year, you could link your Fedex Account (and others, I believe), for no additional charge. Maybe a per label, but minor.

Shipstation changed it pricing for ACCESSING by API Fedex. I believe toward the end of June. These prices were quoted by SS Chat. I think they are correct.

Starter - $5/mth ($60/yr)
Bronze $20/mth ($240/yr)
Silver - $30/mth ($360/yr)
Gold - $40/mth ($480/yr)
Platinum $60/mth ($720/yr)

Can you tell…I like “Snip and Sketch” on my windows computer? better than screenshots because I can snip just what I want instead of cropping out what I don’t want to share from screenshots.

And the red markup lines are from my mouse.